Who Had the Worst Offseasons in the NFL?

We already took a look at some of the teams who have had the best offseasons in the NFL, now lets take a look a some of the teams that have had arguably the worst one this year.

*in no particular order

Seattle Seahawks


Worst Move: Not drafting any or going after any high profile free agents

Best Move: Starting to clear out some of the veterans on the roster

Underrated Move: Signing DJ Fluker in free agency

Best Draft Pick: Rashaad Penny

The Seahawks have had not only one of the worst offseasons, but definitely one of the weirdest ones. I can’t tell if they’re rebuilding or trying to compete, or some mix of the two. The one issue that they’ve had over the past few seasons was protecting Russell Wilson and building the offensive line, and with Will Hernandez still on the board at the end of the first round they decide to take a running back? In one of the most deep running back classes in years and one of the best drafts for guards they decide to take a running back that they could have arguably gotten in the second or third round. Only to add insult to injury, they didn’t even draft any offensive lineman until after the fifth round. If I was Russell Wilson and saw that the team made little to no effort to protect me, I would seriously question the future and direction of the team. One thing they did do well is start to clear out the locker room and cap space of some expensive veterans. Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, and Cliff Avril aren’t getting any younger and it was the smart move to move on from them so the team can invest in the future. With that being said, nobody knows what the future holds for the Seahawks. They aren’t necessarily a good team, but they aren’t a bad one either. Only time will tell.

Miami Dolphins


Worst Move: Trading Jarvis Landry

Best Move: Trading for Robert Quinn

Underrated Move: Signing Josh Sitton in free agency

Best Draft Pick: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Adam Gase’s goal this offseason was to clean out the locker room and build a team in his vision, but in turn, he ended up getting rid of some of the best players on the team. From trading Jarvis Landry to Cleveland, to trading Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia at the trade deadline. These players were the backbone of the team and really is what kept them competing in games for the past few seasons. Is it really worth it to go from those two, to Albert Wilson and Frank Gore? I’m not so sure but as always time will tell. One of their better moves was trading for Robert Quinn who is a very solid pass rusher and should be a nice complement along side Cameron Wake on the defensive line. Despite their questionable moves, they did end up having a pretty solid draft getting two day-one starters in Minkah Fitzpatrick and Mike Gesicki. With the return of Ryan Tannehill from his injury, hopefully we can get to see a breakout year from him with some new weapons and some experience in Gase’s system.

Dallas Cowboys


Worst Move: Little to No Free Agency Moves

Best Move: Releasing Dez Bryant

Underrated Move: Hiring Kris Richard

Best Draft Pick: Connor Williams

The Cowboys had many needs that were screaming at them in the face, but they for some reason couldn’t hear it. The Cowboys are set up in such a way that many of their key players take up the entire salary cap, and it leaves them with very little wiggle room. Tony Romo still has a $9 million dollar dead cap hit with some needs at depth on the offensive line and with a young and unimpressive secondary. While many teams were racing at the start of free agency to get some good players, one of the first moves that the Cowboys made was trade for a fullback. They also had a need at wide receiver so they cut Dez Bryant to open up their offense. As much as Dez wasn’t productive any more, he still was a huge part of that offense. Is Allen Hurns really going to be that much of an upgrade over him? Looking at their draft, it was alright, but they could’ve had a much better one. With Calvin Ridley and Courtland Sutton still on the board and offensive line help which hurt them late in the year, they decide to take an injury-prone linebacker to pair with their other linebacker who is injury-prone. One move that I think will be a huge upgrade is the hiring of Kris Richard. He was a huge part in the coaching of the Legion of Boom, and it should help the play of the secondary immensely. With the return of Zeke for hopefully the entire year, the Cowboys should be a team to watch for this season.