Best and Worst Picks: NFC West

We are now moving into the NFC West to talk about their best and worst draft picks.


Arizona Cardinals

Best Pick- Wide Receiver Christian Kirk

Many regarded Christian Kirk as a 1st-round talent, but he fell to the 2nd round. Kirk is an explosive slot wide receiver. He has great route running and is a reliable catcher. Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald can take him under his wing until he retires. Kirk and Rosen will make a great QB-WR duo.

Worst Pick- Running Back Chase Edmonds

Edmonds was a very productive running back and will compete for the backup spot for David Johnson. The Cardinals need depth at the running back, so the pick makes sense. But, Edmonds struggled with injuries in college, as he only started seven games in his senior year. Talent wise, this is a good pick, but it doesn’t mean anything if he can’t stay on the field.


Seattle Seahawks

Best Pick- Offensive Tackle Jamarco Jones

If you watched one snap of the Seahawks’ offense, you know that they needed to improve the offensive line. The Seahawks found a way to do that in the 5th round. Jones won’t wow you, but he gets the job done. He’s an anchor type offensive lineman. Though he played left tackle in college, he will likely play right tackle in the NFL. But if the Seahawks need him at left tackle, he can definitely play there. Jones was expected in rounds three or four, but fell due to shoulder issues and height. None of that takes away from the talent Jones has. When you find a starter in round five, that’s a great pick.

Worst Pick- Running Back Rashaad Penny

Penny might have been the biggest reach in the 1st round. Many thought the earliest Penny would go was the 2nd round. Also, the Seahawks were hit hard in the offseason. They lost many players during free agency. Seattle needed more help in the secondary and offensive line more than running back. Running back was a need for the Seahawks, but with all the other positions they needed, picking Penny in round one just didn’t make much sense.


San Francisco 49ers

Best Pick- Linebacker Fred Warner

Warner is a boom or bust player, and if the 49ers use him correctly, he’ll be a great player. He has more of a safety body, but has every trait of a linebacker. Warner is extremely athletic, and has great instincts. Warner’s great instincts let him record a lot of tackles for loss. His coverage skills are great for a linebacker and he is good at causing turnovers. Warner played a lot of slot coverage, and having a linebacker who can do that is a defensive coordinators dream. He won’t start right away due to size, and a couple of other small things. However, with his coverage skills, he’ll make a huge impact in the nickel. That’s something the 49ers desperately need.

Worst Pick- Defensive End Kentavius Street

Street had a bad draft process experience. He tore his ACL at his Pro Day. Street can play inside, but primarily plays on the end. Street is a hard hitter, but doesn’t have the quickness to be an NFL defensive end. He’s only 6’2, and he gets locked out fairly easy. With his torn ACL, he is out for the season. With his injury, lack of size, lack of strength, and lack of quickness, he’ll struggle in the NFL.


Los Angeles Rams

Best Pick- Defensive End Obo Okoronkwo

Okoronkwo is the type of player who isn’t pretty, but gets the job done. He has great instincts as a pass rusher that can find the ball and make plays. Okoronkwo totaled 75 tackles for Oklahoma last year too. He has a great get off and hesitation moves. Okoronkwo doesn’t have the greatest technique and will need a couple years to develop that. He however won’t be a starter right away but can be a star in the future.

Worst Pick- Defensive End Justin Lawler

There’s really not much wrong with Lawler, he was productive in college with the fifteen and a half tackles and nine and a half sacks during his senior year. This is a bad pick because he was a defensive end/edge player they took in this draft. Rams already have a stacked defensive line. Drafting four defensive ends was just unnecessary.