Best and Worst Draft Picks: AFC West

The AFC West is going to be a tough division this year. The Chiefs are starting last years 1st-round pick, Patrick Mahomes. This could either be awesome for the Chiefs, or could blow up in their face. The Chargers are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL. Jon Gruden is the new head coach of the Raiders, so we’ll see a changed team. The Broncos have been struggling lately, but Case Keenum can be the guy who helps them get back into the playoff race. There really isn’t a team guaranteed to win the division. Let’s look at which team did the most to improve themselves, and the mistakes teams made in this year’s draft.

Denver Broncos

Best Pick- Wide Receiver Courtland Sutton

You know how you fix a struggling offense? By adding weapons to it. The Broncos drafted a new target for Case Keenum. Sutton is a big dude. He stands at 6’3, and weighs around two hundred and eighteen pounds. Sutton is a very raw player. He has a lot to work on, such as route running. But his big body lets him box out other defenders on jump ball scenarios, and lets him break tackles. Sutton will be a player who will play a lot, but might not be as productive early on. The more he plays, the better he’ll get.

Worst Pick- Running Back David Williams

It’s always good when your worst draft pick is in the 7th round. Williams was the 2nd running back the Broncos drafted. Them drafting two running backs just didn’t feel necessary. There was nothing special about Williams college tape. He’s not very fast or explosive, there’s a reason he was drafted in the 7th. For the Broncos, they made sure to add a lot of depth on offense this year’s draft. Williams could possibly make the roster, but it won’t be easy.

Kansas City Chiefs

Best Pick- Safety Armani Watts

Watts has all the talent on the world. A lot of his mistakes were just self mistakes, not much to do with him being untalented. Watts is a freak athlete, and is all over the field. He has great coverage skills, and can play the ball in the air. He’s great at reading routes and lining up in man. He also covers a team need with the Eric Berry Situation.

Worst Pick- Defensive End Breeland Speaks

The Chiefs unnecessarily traded up for Speaks. They traded up from 54 to 46 to get Speaks. They must of been worried someone was going to take him, but the trade seemed like a panic move. Most regarded Speaks as a 3rd-round talent. He does have the versatility to play defensive end and linebacker, but still has a ton of flaws. He lets offensive lineman get their hands under his pads and drive him back. He’s not quick off the edge. It’s very likely if the Chiefs stayed at 54, they could of gotten him there.

Oakland Raiders

Best Pick- Cornerback Nick Nelson

The Raiders got great value with Nelson. Nelson was projected to go in the 2nd round, but he tore his meniscus, and that hurt his stock badly. The Raiders needed an upgrade at cornerback, and they got one with Nelson. Nelson will likely not start as a rookie, mostly because he’s recovering from his torn meniscus. It’s important that the Raiders don’t rush him in. When he is fully healthy, he’ll play primarily in the slot, as that’s what he’s best suited for. Nelson will be a big name in a couple of years.

Worst Pick- Offensive Tackle Kolton Miller

Raiders just flat out reached at pick fifteen. Raiders’ current left tackle, Donald Penn, is thirty five, so a replacement was in need. However, they have had bigger team needs at positions that needed replacements this year. They had better options to upgrade their linebackers and select Tremaine Edmunds, or could have drafted Jaire Alexander and upgrade their corner position, that needed to upgrade badly. The pick was a massive reach, but Miller has potential to be a good left tackle one day.

Los Angeles Chargers

Best Pick- Linebacker Kyzir White

White was a very productive linebacker at West Virginia, with 94 tackles and 7.5 tackles for loss. He can help fill the void at the weak side linebacker for the Chargers. He’s got good size, standing at 6’2 and weighs 218lbs. White played safety in college, so he’s making a big move by switching to linebacker, but it fits him. Him playing safety in college will help his coverage skills a lot.

Worst Pick- Center Scott Quessenberry

This was an interesting pick, because the Chargers have a lot of depth on the interior part of the offensive line. The Chargers signed Mike Pouncy to take over as starting center, and have Spencer Pulley as a quality backup center. Quessenberry will have trouble making the roster, with as much depth the Chargers have. Just not a lot of room for Quessenberry on the Chargers roster.