Best and Worst Draft Picks: AFC East

The AFC East hasn’t seemed to be a competitive division in a while. It’s basically tradition for the Patriots to win the division. If any other teams in the AFC East want to have a chance to win the division, it starts with a good draft. That also goes for the Patriots, they need to have a good draft to keep their title as division champions. Let’s look at each teams best and worst draft picks!’Buffalo BillsBest Pick- Defensive Tackle Harrison PhillipsHarrison Phillips was the best player on the board at pick 96. He also covers a big team need for the Bills, as Kyle Williams is getting up there in age. And that’s what this pick is, Kyle Williams replacement. Many scouts compared Harrison Phillips to Kyle Williams. Both are dominant in the run game, and are good at getting pressure. Phillips will rotate during this year, and start in Kyles position in a couple of years.Worst Pick- Cornerback Siran NealBills made a couple of questionable picks in the draft, but out of all of them, Neal was their worst pick. To start, Neal is already twenty four, so he’s older than most rookies. He doesn’t have a high ceiling, as he struggled with a lot of small stuff in his college career. He gets beat off of the press pretty easily, he struggles with reading quarterbacks eyes, and doesn’t seem to know how to wrap up. It’s also important to note that the Bills took a cornerback a round earlier with Taron Johnson. The Bills got destroyed in the off-season, and with corner not being anywhere close to their biggest team need, they should of gone for another position. This pick by the Bills just didn’t make sense.Miami DolphinsBest Pick- Safety Minkah FitzpatrickLet’s not overthink this. Minkah Fitzpatrick was one of the best players in this year’s draft, so him falling to pick eleven was an obvious pick for the Dolphins. From where most analysts and scouts had Fitzpatrick going, he didn’t seem to go as high as people thought. But just about every safety in the draft fell, and that seems to be because of how many good safeties are still on the market. For the Dolphins, they got a steal. Minkah is a can do it all guy. One of the biggest issues for the Dolphins defense last year was covering tight ends, and Minkah so happens to be great at that.Worst Pick- Tight End Durham SmytheThe Dolphins undoubtedly needed an upgrade at the tight end position, and they did a great job doing that in round two with Mike Gesicki. Smythe is just about his counter-partner. Gesicki is more of a receiving tight end, while Smythe is more of a blocking tight end. Smythe will be used in formations where the run is specialized. His role will be limited to just that. With other needs, Smythe just wasn’t a good pick.New York JetsBest Pick- Quarterback Sam DarnoldThis was a best case scenario for the Jets. The Jets have been trying to find “their guy” for years. And for years and they have failed to do that. However, Darnold is changing that. Darnold has the highest upside out of any of the quarterbacks from the draft. He can make all the throws downfield. Now, Darnold is still raw, so a year on the bench might be good for him. He needs to work on stuff such as mental processing and decision making. The Jets drafted the quarterback who should be a stud in a couple of years. Great pick for them.Worst Pick- Tight End Chris HerndonHerndon is an athletic and was a productive tight end. He could of gone round two if he didn’t get hurt, but that’s why this isn’t a good pick; his injury. Herndon had an MCL injury in November, and those are not easy to come back from. This is more of a risky pick than bad pick. Herndon could be a good player, but his career could be mixed with injuries. He’ll be a liability issue for the Jets.New England PatriotsBest Pick- Offensive Tackle Isaiah WynnAnother pick to not overthink. Patriots lost a very solid left tackle in Nate Solder, so they drafted his replacement with pick twenty three. Wynn doesn’t have the perfect measurable’s for left tackle, but man does he have the skills. Wynn had the best tape among all tackles in this year’s draft. He’s a mauler type run blocker, and is a great pass blocker. If there’s any team to use Wynn at left tackle without his measurable’s being an issue, it’s the Patriots.Worst Pick- Linebacker Ja’Whaun BentleyBentley isn’t someone who is going to wow you athletically. He wasn’t invited to the combine, and teams were very worried about his speed. He has one very good trait, and that’s how he hits. Bentley is an extremely hard hitter. He’ll likely win at the point of attack. However, he does not have much to fall back on. His lack of explosiveness and athletic ability all hurt him. Unless he can improve in those areas, he likely won’t start, and will barley play