Redrafting the First 16 Picks of the 2015 NFL Draft

In this exercise, I’m going to redraft the 2015 NFL draft, with three years of hindsight in mind. The format for this will be simple, teams that picked a certain position will still select that position, but instead the best possible talent from that position group. Each pick will be followed by a brief synopsis explaining the selection.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Marcus Mariota

(Originally Drafted 2nd Overall : Tennessee Titans)

Although some will debate who has had the better career so far, I’m confident with Mariota because he has led his team to the playoffs (and won) a feat unmatched by Winston. Not to mention the recent scandal and the issues with turnovers surrounding Jameis.

2. Tennessee Titans : Jameis Winston

(Originally Drafted 1st Overall: Tampa Bay Buccaneers) The Titans pick up the second best QB on the board in Winston.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars : Leonard Williams

(Originally Drafted 6th Overall : New York Jets)

The Jaguars defense is already elite now, when you add Williams in to that unit it becomes even scarier. Fowler tore his ACL in minicamp and has underachieved since. This is a no-brainer for the Jags.

4. Oakland Raiders : Amari Cooper

(Originally Drafted 4th Overall : Oakland Raiders)

The Raiders stick with Cooper despite seeing a step back in production in the 2017 season. The best receiver in the draft is picked up early by a team that needs him.

5. Washington Redskins : Brandon Scherff

(Originally Drafted 5th Overall : Washington Redskins)

The highest rated guard out of this class, is re-selected by the Redskins to anchor the O-line. His blocking is exceptional, the best in his class and his PFF grade reflects that. (83.2)

6. New York Jets : Vic Beasley

(Originally Drafted 8th Overall : Atlanta Falcons)

The 2016 NFL sack leader is picked up a bit earlier this time around to help rebuild the defensive line that rapidly fell apart. Without him the Falcons lack a consistent edge rusher.

7. Chicago Bears : Stefon Diggs

(Originally Drafted 146th Overall : Minnesota Vikings)

The Bears select Diggs over busts Kevin White and Breshard Perriman. Injuries hampered their original selection of Kevin White, and Diggs provides a solid alternative, who can stay on the field.

8. Atlanta Falcons : Danielle Hunter

(Originally Drafted 88th Overall : Minnesota Vikings)

The Falcons select Hunter over Arik Armstead and Dante Fowler due to his production. With nearly 26 sacks in 3 years of play, Hunter is on a path to stardom and the Falcons selected accordingly.

9. New York Giants : D.J Humphries

(Originally Drafted 24th Overall Arizona Cardinals)

The Giants try to hide their previous selection of bust Ereck Flowers and pick up one of the best O-linemen from the draft in Humphries.

10. Los Angeles Rams : Todd Gurley

(Originally Drafted 10th Overall : Los Angeles Rams)

The Rams stay with Gurley with their pick and reselect the OROTY and OPOTY who is arguably the best back in the league.

11. Minnesota Vikings : Marcus Peters

(Originally Drafted 18th Overall : Kansas City Chiefs)

Peters has led the league in interceptions since his entrance in the league, he has been a good player despite character issues. The Vikings select him to team up with Xavier Rhodes.

12. Cleveland Browns : Danny Shelton

(Originally Drafted 12th Overall : Cleveland Browns)

Shelton didn’t pan out well for the Browns, but he was and still is the best option at defensive tackle, hopefully this time around they won’t trade him to the Pats.

13. New Orleans Saints : Andrus Peat

(Originally Drafted 13th Overall : New Orleans Saints)

Peat hasn’t been the most efficient pass blocker, but his play has not hurt the team, with there being no better option Sean Payton redrafts Peat to help out his backfield.

14. Miami Dolphins : DeVante Parker

(Originally Drafted 14th Overall : Miami Dolphins)

The Dolphins pick up Parker again over Agholor and Green-Beckham due to his production over the last 3 years, Parker hasn’t been the best reciever on the team due to Landry but this year he’ll likely get a larger role and the Dolphins will hope he develops.

15. Los Angeles Chargers : David Johnson

(Originally Drafted 86th Overall : Arizona Cardinals)

The Chargers pick of Gordon was not a bad one, but David Johnson is the better running back and has a chance to transcend the meaning of a running back, and the Chargers pick up one of the best talents in the NFL.

16. Houston Texans : Ronald Darby

(Originally Drafted 50th Overall : Buffalo Bills)

With Peters already being picked up the Titans correct their mistake of taking Kevin Johnson and instead grab speedster Ronald Darby who has played well in his time in the league.