Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs

Our fantasy list continues with the WR position. There are some surprises on this list, and we’re here to tell you why we think this is the best spot for the receivers.

  1. Antonio Brown. Brown is easily the best WR in football & fantasy football. You can rely on Brown every week to get the job done. He’s a WR that you must have on your team. Brown is a stellar WR that no matter who he has at QB, he will come out and dominate every week. He totaled 1,533 yards & 9 TDs last season, which is good for 310.3 fantasy points last season. This season Brown is expected to total 322.4 fantasy points., a decent sized margin from last season. With a healthy Ben Roethlisberger for all 16 games this season, I could easily see Brown reaching that. I would expect Brown to be drafted within the first 5 picks.
  2. DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is a fun receiver to watch. He had one of the best receivers last season when Watson was healthy. Hopkins is a player you should target in at least one of your leagues this year. He totaled 1,378 yards and 13 TDs, which lead to a whopping 309.8 fantasy points last season, and I expect him to have another amazing season in 2018. I expect Hopkins to be drafted within the first 7 picks in your fantasy drafts.
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. Odell is another WR you must have on your fantasy team. He should have a great season this year as he looks to bounce back from his season-ending injury last year. With a chip on his shoulder, OBJ should have an amazing season. In 2016, Beckham totaled 1,367 yards and 10 TDs last season, and I’m expecting him to have a similar season in 2018. I expect Odell to be drafted within the first 7 picks in your fantasy drafts.
  4. . Keenan Allen. Towards the end of the season, Allen went off scoring over 20 points in 4 of his last 7 games. Even with Mike Williams back, I still expect Allen to see majority of targets. I would take him over the likes of Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and Tyreek Hill. Keenan Allen has solidified himself as go to man even in the redzone. With the return of Mike Williams, I would still expect to see Allen as a go to target in the redzone. Allen is very underrated and I’ve seen him go late second to early/mid third.

    5. Michael Thomas. Michael Thomas has the most receptions to start a career with 196 receptions. He is the go to man and has a chance to put up big numbers every game. The loss of Willie Snead and Brandon Coleman boost his value even more. I’ve seen him go early to late second round. In a ppr league, he is a must draft wide receiver.

    Honorable Mention

    Julio Jones. Jones is a top 5 receiver but not fantasy wise. Compared to other receivers on the list, Matt Ryan has three other targets he can throw to. The decision to draft Calvin Ridley makes it look like the Falcons will be spreading the ball around more.

    Tyreek Hill. If you get points for return yards, Hill is the perfect draft pick. He does everything for the Chiefs. He runs the ball, catches and returns for them. Mahomes has a cannon for an arm so Hill should get more deep ball catches. I’m expecting Hill to be drafted within the first 2 rounds.

    TY Hilton

    Andrew Luck is back