Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

Last week, it was reported that the Seahawks had offered the Colts a second-round pick for the former Patriots backup QB Jacoby Brissett. Jacoby Brissett was traded to the Colts for WR, Phillip Dorsett at the beginning of the 2017-2018 NFL season. The Colts needed an option to start at QB while their franchise QB, Andrew Luck, was recovering from shoulder surgery, which was needed due to past injuries and re-aggravations. Jacoby Brissett had a solid season with the Colts as he put up 3,098 yards, 13 touchdowns with 58.8% completion rate, in 16 games. Now, as we approach the 2018-2019 NFL season, Andrew Luck is back and able to play. So, Brissett is demoted to backup and naturally, teams are interested in acquiring a young and dependable QB that was able to squeeze out 4 wins with a not-so-talented squad. One team that offered a trade for Brissett was the Seahawks. Many would tilt their heads in confusion as to why the Seahawks would want to get another good QB when they have Russell Wilson under center, but I think that acquiring Jacoby Brissett may be a smart move for the Seahawks.

Although it might sound crazy, I think it could have worked out for the Seahawks if the trade actually did go through. Ever since the loss in Super Bowl 49 the Seahawks weren’t really the same hard-hitting, exciting team that they once were. The following season, during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 50, the Seahawks franchise running back, Marshawn Lynch, posted a picture of his cleats hung up, signaling his retirement. Lynch struggled during the season following the dramatic Super Bowl 49 loss as he had missed 9 regular season games and a playoff game due to surgery for an injury. Following the short-lived retirement of Beast Mode, the Seahawks lost a lot of key pieces of their squad. During this past offseason, the Seahawks lost Michael Bennett in a trade with the Packers because they couldn’t afford him, Sheldon Richardson because they traded a second-round pick and Jermaine Kearse for him, but he only had one year on his contract so the Vikings signed him, they lost a great tight end in Jimmy Graham to the Packers after not offering enough to keep him, Richard Sherman because he was unhappy with the organization and was released, and (possibly) the biggest loss being Kam Chancellor retiring due to neck injuries.

With these losses, there is an obvious need for younger talent that can provide similar electrifying plays as the Super Bowl Seahawks team did. The Seahawks are doing a solid job by bringing in players such as the Griffin brothers who I believe will be great mainstays for the Seahawks defense for years to come, as well as this year’s first round draft selection in Rashaad Penny. Using these new players and considering all of their massive losses, I think it may be a smart move for the Seahawks to completely start over and get rid of Russell Wilson while they can get great value for him. With Brissett’s show of promise I think it would be smart to try him out as the new franchise QB for the Seahawks.