Does Odell Beckham Jr. Deserve to be the Highest Paid WR in the League?

It’s a good question, here’s my take on the situation…

Odell’s has performed many astonishing feats, the most astonishing of which came in his rookie season in week 12 of his rookie season in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. 1st and 10 on the Cowboys’ 43-yard line, Eli takes the snap and hauls it down the sideline to Beckham, who, despite the pass interference, makes an unbelievable three finger catch for the touchdown! While this won coach of the year and is arguably one of the best catches of all time, Odell is far from a one-catch wonder. OBJ has continued to perform mind-blowing feats of athleticism, make insane catches, and have an overall fantastic performance season after season. 

In his rookie year, he won and he broke the record held Randy Moss and Bill Groman for most consecutive games with 90 or more receiving yards in a season and joined Groman to be one of only two rookies to have over 700 receiving yards in a six-game span as a rookie. Beckham also broke multiple more records as a rookie recording the highest receiving yards by a rookie in Giants’ history (185 yards), scoring the largest touchdown catch by a rookie in Giants’ history (80 yards), and tied Torry Holt at 4 for most games with  1+ receiving touchdown, 10+ receptions, and 100+ receiving yards in a season. As a result of these amazing feats, Beckham won Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Since the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. in the 2014 draft he’s proven a force to be reckoned with. Time and time again OBJ has dominated the game and put up insane numbers that climb year after year, the only exception being last season as Beckham was injured and as a result, only played 5 games in the season.

While I’m a diehard Giants fan, I do recognize that OBJ doesn’t come without a flaw. He has appeared to have a tendency to lose his temper. For example, his duel with Josh Norman in week 15 of the 2016-2017 season which saw him take a cheap shot at Norman. Additionally his battle with kicking net, which he eventually made amends with. It seems OBJ has made steps towards improving his temper (I.e.hugging and proposing to the kicking net). But the Giants will still have to keep an eye on Odell and hope it doesn’t lose his cool like he has in years past.

In my opinion, yes, Odell Beckham Jr. deserves to be the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.

Sources: (I know it seems dumb to list as a source, but Odell has quite a long list of records tied or broken and I couldn’t remember them all so thanks Wikipedia)