The Bills are the worse team in the NFL

Unless if you are a Bills fan, you most likely had little to no expectations for the Bills’ this year. Their embarrassing 47-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens has already proven they will be one of the worst teams this year. You could argue that it’s just week 1, but after the Bills off-season, this lost is no accident. The Bills just aren’t a very good team. Let’s look at what went wrong and why they are struggling.

Trading Tyrod:

It’s been clear for a couple years that Tyrod was not the Bills franchise quarterback. They traded him to the Browns for a 3rd round pick. Sure, that pick helped them trade up for Josh Allen,  but was it was it necessary? Allen is nowhere near ready, and has just as much bust potential as start potential. They signed AJ McCarron, but showed early in camp that he was not gonna be able to get the job done. I still disagree with their decision to trade him. He was the most serviceable between him, Peterman, and Allen. Peterman still can’t get the job done, and they can’t rush Allen. Bills have a horrible situation at quarterback. It’s not like Tyrod could save the Bills with their roster, but he could of been manageable.

Offensive line: 

You already knew the Buffalo Bills offensive line wasn’t going to be good when they gave up 5 sacks in a half against the Bengals. The Bills traded Cordy Glenn to the Bengals in the off-season, hoping Dion Dawkin can step up. We will look at this in 8 weeks and see if this was a good move or not. The Bills interior line is horrible. Bills lost players such as Eric Wood, and Richie Incognito. The Bills did absolutely nothing in the off-season to fix this issue. They signed former Bengals center Russell Bodine. He was one of the worst starting centers in the NFL for the past couple years, but he’s now a backup for the Bills. The Bills not doing more to address this glaring issue are going to kill them.

Lack of Targets: 

To make matters worse for the Bills bad quarterbacks, they have very few targets. They have Kelvin Benjamin, who’s underperformed is whole career. Zay Jones is yet to prove anything, and Charles Clay isn’t getting any younger. Though LeSean McCoy seems like he won’t be suspended, he has no line he to run behind. Every one of their targets will struggle with year. Their offense is a mess.

While their roster doesn’t show one of the worst defenses in the NFL, they played like one of the worst defenses in the NFL in week 1. With all due respect to the Ravens, but their offense shouldn’t be putting up 47 in anybody. They have mediocre targets and an above average running back at best. I highly question the Bills talent on the defensive side of the ball after this performance. Thy didn’t even get killed in the off season with defenses. Sure they lost some key players like Preston Brown in free agency, but nothing that should of killed them. They still talent wise have a really good secondary. 

The Bills are really struggling, just as about everyone expected. But they might be historically bad if they don’t fix anything up. It seems like the Bills are a mess, and the coaches need to clean it. Either way, the Bills are going to be one if the worst teams in the NFL this year.