Do the Rams Have a Shot at 16-0?

The Rams have been on a path of destruction for the first quarter of the season boasting a triumphant 5-0 record. Most recently they escaped from the 12th man with a narrow 2 point lead. Though the Rams won by a narrow margin there’s no denying the dominance the team has displayed. However, the question still remains Do the Los Angeles Rams have a shot at 16-0? 

While the Rams are an undeniable powerhouse I do not believe they can go 16-0. They have multiple heavy obstacles lying ahead in their schedule and I do not believe they can survive them all.

The first obstacle lies ahead in week 9 against the New Orleans Saints. The game takes place in New Orleans, which already gives them a slight edge because an away game is always tougher than a home game. Additionally, the Saints have proven to be an offensive threat. Drew Brees alone has had a fantastic season so far, surpassing Peyton Manning and becoming the new record holder for most passing yards of all time. Brees also is on track to take hold of Peyton Manning’s record for most touchdown passes of all time. On the other side of Brees’ throw, the Saints wide receiving core is not bad either with a strong receiver like Michael Thomas. However, the Saints present a dual threat on the ground with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. While Mark Ingram has returned from his four-game suspension Kamara has been nearly an unstoppable force on the ground. The offensive heavy-weight of the New Orleans Saints will prove to be a tough battle even against a solid Los Angeles Rams defense, opening the potential for a loss in just a few weeks.

The second obstacle awaits them just two weeks after visiting New Orleans when the Rams host the only other undefeated team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes alone could spell disaster for this Rams defense after Mahomes has already broken records throwing the most passing touchdowns in the first three games of a season with 13. Mahomes is undoubtedly a great quarterback and has proven he’s capable of scrambling in tight spots even notching two rushing touchdowns. With receivers like Tyreek “Cheetah” Hill catching Mahomes’ passes the air game is definitely one of the strongest and most feared in the league. As for the Chiefs run game, they don’t fall short on that either with Kareem Hunt in the backfield, a strong, fast and multi-faceted running back. Defenses have had a hard time containing Hunt and the Rams defense could easily fall victim to Hunt’s talents as well.

The third heavy obstacle in the way of the Los Angeles Rams is the Chicago Bears. Another away game for the Rams and even tougher as the Bears are currently 2-0 at home. While the Bears offense has performed pretty well so far, with its shining moments and their not so bright moments, their defense has been the shining star. The Chicago defense made a huge acquisition in the form of Khalil Mack the defense definitely has lots of talent to work with. The defense has been formidable in both stopping the offense and forcing multiple turnovers each game this season. When the strong Rams offensive meets the formidable Bears defense NFL fans will be in for a fantastic contest.

The final and heaviest obstacle awaiting the Rams is historical precedent. Since the merger, the Rams have started the season 5-0 eight times, including this season, and in each of the past seven seasons the Rams have gone on to lose at least two games.

In conclusion, while it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see the Rams go 16-0 they have many obstacles to overcome and I do not believe they will be able to achieve a perfect regular season.