Judging the AFC division leaders

The NFL has been weird this year. One week, a team dominated, then in the next week, they look like the worse team in the league. After 5 weeks into the season, there are some unexpected division leaders. Today, we are going to discuss the division leaders in the AFC. We will discuss how legit they are, and if they maintain their spot.

AFC West: Kanas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs surprised many of us this year. Patrick Mahomes has lit up the league, and has played like the best quarterback in the NFL. They way he was playing, it’s no surprise that the Chiefs are playing so well. The defense is still a bit of a struggle, as teams throw all over their secondary. Really though, the only thing that can hurt the Chiefs, are the Chiefs themselves. In past seasons, the Chiefs have self imploded. If they can avoid that this year, there is no reason why they can’t win the AFC

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals 

Bengals have surprised many people this year. About nobody was giving the Bengals  a chance before the season started. Many people didn’t have them winning more than 4 games, but here they are at 4-1. The offense is unique. Andy Dalton looks like a completely new quarterback. AJ Green has been AJ Green, John Ross and Boyd took huge steps in the development process, the offensive line has improved, and Joe Mixon is looking great. The defense is not looking very good. The Secondary has been inconsistent, and the linebacker play has been really bad. Getting Vontaze Burfict back has already helped them, even if he’s only been back one game. The defensive line has been stellar for them. The AFC North is still pretty open, but the Bengals can win it if they can clean up some of their defensive issues.

AFC East: New England Patriots

The Patriots started 2-2, and people were beginning to get excited that we were seeing the downfall of the Patriots. However, this is just a typical start for the New England Patriots. The Patriots always start the season slowly. Thy currently sit at 3-2 ,along with the Dolphins and have the tie-breaker over them. The Patriots will pick it up. Even if they’re not as good as last year, they will the division. The Jets and Bills are just simply not good enough, and the Dolphins have been inconsistent as ever. Worst case scenario for the Patriots, they don’t get the 1st round bye. They will win the division with ease.

AFC South: Tennessee Titans

The AFC South is wide open. The Titans have been extremely inconsistent this year. They have good wins against teams like the Jaguars, but then lose to the Bills. Their defense has been stellar, but the offense has struggled way too much. It has shown flashes of promise, but it’s been inconsistent. The division will come down to the Jaguars and Titans. Jaguars have taken a step back this year. If the Jaguars get their rhythm back, they can win the division. But the Titans have shown they can be one of the better teams. All about consistency.