Race For The #1 Draft Pick

By this time of year, most teams still believe they can make the playoffs, whether it’s through a division crown or sneaking their way in as the second wild card spot. Every team has shown some flashes of being able to compete (no more winless teams!), which the fans and coaching staffs will use to see their team through rose-colored glasses. But there are a handful of teams who would be better suited revving up the tank and gunning for the number one draft pick. Here are the 5 teams with the most realistic shot at securing the all-coveted number one draft pick.

5. Indianapolis Colts (1-4)

I really didn’t want to put the Colts on this list. Andrew Luck is too talented to not pull some wins out of his hat here and there. The team around him is too bad to not include them though. TY is the only true offensive weapon Luck has to throw to, and he’s injured at the moment. The defense, while improved from previous years, is still well below-average. I do not expect the Colts to end up with the number one pick, but it’s certainly in the realm of possibilities.

4. Buffalo Bills (2-3)

Who are the Bills? Two weeks into the season everybody seemed to unanimously agree they were the dullest blade in the drawer. Then they plunder the Vikings and people think they may be mediocre. Then they got shutout by the Packers, making the Vikings look like a fluke. And finally they beat a Titans team that looks like a real contender (at least on defense). No one really knows what this team’s final record will be. However, going mostly off of the roster on paper, this is a team severely lacking in talent on both sides of the ball with a less-than-easy remaining schedule. Allen looks promising, but he’s about it. Shady still does not have a touchdown and is yet to break 100 yards. The o-line is nonexistent and the receivers are all unproven. Don’t expect more than 5 wins Bills Mafia.

3. Oakland Raiders (1-4)

The Raiders have looked as bad as anybody thus far, with their only win coming against a Browns team that did everything in their power to lose the game. While the Mack trade may have made financial sense for the team, it certainly isn’t panning out on the field this season. The defense is dreadful and the offense isn’t good enough to make up for it. Carr is more and more resembling his brother, tossing more picks than TDs so far. This team has no real playoff aspirations and with Gruden’s job secure for 10 years they may very well start tanking.

2. Arizona Cardinals (1-4)

Rosen was my top quarterback in last years draft and I stand by that, but he is not able to win games by himself. It’s criminal how this team is under utilizing David Johnson. One of the best talents in the league should be getting the ball far more often (especially in the air) than he is. Fitz has been injury ridden and the passing game has not been able to fully recover. They were the last of the winless teams and still have a very real shot at being the worst of the worst.

1. San Francisco 49ers (1-4)

The Niners came into this year as serious playoff contenders. Jimmy G was being praised as the GOAT and the front office made some savvy offseason moves, leading many to believe they could steal a wild card spot and maybe even the division. But the Football Gods do not like such optimism, and struck down Jimmy and subsequently the hopes of the Bay Area. With all due respect to C.J Beathard, this team isn’t going anywhere. They just made the Cardinals look respectable, and that’s the easiest game they have all season.