Week 7 Power Rankings

Power rankings changing each week along with every teams performance grade for that week.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (6-0) 23-20 Win vs Broncos *Previous Rank: 1* (Grade: B+)
  2. New England Patriots (4-2) 43-40 Win vs Chiefs *Previous Rank: 4* (Grade: B+)
  3. New Orleans Saints (4-1) Bye Week *Previous Rank: 3* (Grade: N/A)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1) 40-43 Loss vs Patriots *Previous Rank: 2* (Grade: B-)
  5. Minnesota Vikings (3-2-1) 27-17 Win vs Cardinals *Previous Rank: 8* (Grade: B+)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (4-2) 21-0 Win vs Titans *Previous Rank: 10* (Grade: A+)
  7. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2) 38-14 Win vs Browns *Previous Rank: 11* (Grade: A+)
  8. Pittsburg Steelers (3-2-1) 28-21 Win vs Bengals *Previous Rank: 12* (Grade: B)
  9. Green Bay Packers (3-2-1) 33-30 Win vs 49ers *Previous Rank: 16* (Grade: B+)
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) 34-13 Win vs Giants *Previous Rank: 15* (Grade: A+)
  11. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) 21-28 Loss vs Steelers *Previous Rank: 5* (Grade: B-)
  12. Carolina Panthers (3-2) 17-23 Loss vs Redskins *Previous Rank: 6* (Grade: B-)
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) 7-40 Loss vs Cowboys *Previous Rank: 9* (Grade: F)
  14. Chicago Bears (3-2) 28-31 Loss vs Dolphins *Previous Rank: 7* (Grade: B-)
  15. Washington Redskins (3-2) 23-17 Win vs Panthers *Previous Rank: 18* (Grade B)
  16. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) 27-3 Win vs Raiders *Previous Rank: 17* (Grade: A+)
  17. New York Jets (3-3) 42-34 Win vs Colts *Previous Rank: 22* (Grade: B+)
  18. Miami Dolphins (4-2) 31-28 Win vs Bears *Previous Rank: 21* (Grade: B)
  19. Dallas Cowboys (3-3) 40-7 Win vs Jaguars *Previous Rank: 26* (Grade: A+)
  20. Tennessee Titans (3-3) 0-21 Loss vs Ravens *Previous Rank: 13* (Grade: F)
  21. Houston Texans (3-3) 20-13 Win vs Bills *Previous Rank: 20* (Grade: B-)
  22. Atlanta Falcons (2-4) 34-29 Win vs Bucs *Previous Rank: 23* (Grade: B)
  23. Clevland Browns (2-3-1) 14-38 Loss vs Chargers *Previous Rank: 14* (Grade: F)
  24. Detroit Lions (2-3) Bye Week *Previous Rank: 19* (Grade: N/A)
  25. Denver Broncos (2-4) 20-23 Loss vs Rams *Previous Rank: 24* (Grade: B-)
  26. Indianapolis Colts (1-5) 34-42 Loss vs Jets *Previous Rank: 30* (Grade: C+)
  27. Arizona Cardinals (1-5) 17-27 Loss vs Vikings *Previous Rank: 27* (Grade: C+)
  28. Buffalo Bills (2-4) 13-20 Loss vs Texans *Previous Rank: 25* (Grade: C+)
  29. San Francisco 49ers (1-5) 30-33 Loss vs Packers *Previous Rank: 32* (Grade: B-)
  30. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-3) 29-34 Loss vs Falcons *Previous Rank: 31* (Grade: B-)
  31. New York Giants (1-5) 13-34 Loss vs Eagles *Previous Rank: 28* (Grade: D)
  32. Oakland Raiders (1-5) 3-27 Loss vs Seahawks *Previous Rank: 29* (Grade: F)

Fun Fact: The 5 teams graded with an A+ is a season high.

Explanation on some rankings:

Number 2, Patriots: Tom Brady.

Number 10, Eagles: Sure, the Eagles only beat a time in the running for worst in the league this year, but that isn’t the point. These Eagles looked like the Eagles that won the SB last year and Wentz is getting closer and closer to that MVP form.

Number 16, Seahawks: The Seahawks are quietly looking very nice. If it weren’t for the red-hot Rams being in their division, Seattle might be a team people would be talking about more. Make no mistake about it. This team can contend for a wildcard spot.

Number 19, Cowboys: The Cowboys just manhandled a team that was in the AFC Championship game last year, so why only 19? They are 3-0 at home and their stats are exponentially better at home than on the road where they’re 0-3. A huge road win against a division rival Redskins team on Sunday would be massive for them.

Number 32, Raiders: Gruden’s Raiders are the worst team in the NFL right now. They can’t pressure the QB or stop any offense really, and their offense turns it over way too much. It’s a tie between them and the NYG for number one overall pick right now.

Biggest Risers: 

Green Bay Packers: +7 Spots.

Dallas Cowboys: +7 Spots.

Philadelphia Eagles: +5 Spots.

Biggest Fallers: 

Clevland Browns: -9 Spots.

Tennessee Titans: -7 Spots.

Chicago Bears: -7 Spots.

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