Judging the NFC division leaders

Last week, we took a look at the AFC division leaders. This week, we will do the same, but with the NFC. After a weird start to the season, teams are taking their spots. Let’s dive into it!

NFC South- New Orleans Saints

Everybody expected the Saints to be the best team in the NFC south, and that’s exactly what they are. Drew Brees is currently playing at a hall of fame level. Other than the 1st 2 weeks, where Fitzmagic was in full effect(beating the Saints) and barley beating the Browns, the Saints have looked unstoppable. The offense is as good as people were expecting, and the defense is playing at a high level. Unless a significant injury happens, there is no reason to think that the Saints can’t win the division. The Panthers will really have to step up their game if they want to have a chance.

NFC North- Chicago Bears

The Bears are surprisingly on top of the NFC North. The Bears can have a top 10 defense, while the offense is progressing. It’s possible, but the Bears likely won’t stay on top of the NFC North. Part of the reason they are on top, is they’ve already had a bye week, and the Packer and Vikings tied, lowering their win percentage. But the Bears aren’t a fluke. Mitch Trubisky has looked very good. He still has a lot he needs to work on, however. The Bears have a great one-two punch with Cohen and Howard. They have good wide receivers such as Allen Robinson for Trubisky. The Bears have the potential to be one of the top defenses in the league. Khalil Mack has been amazing for the Bears. The secondary took a step up from last year, and Roquan Smith has stepped up as a rookie. Nagy has been overly conservative whenever the Bears are winning late in the game. If the Bears want to win the division, the they cannot do that. I think the Packers or Vikings end up winning the division, but the Bears are a very good team with a bright future.

NFC East- Washington Redskins 

The NFC East has been weird and interesting this year. Everyone expected the Eagles to remain on the top,  but right now it’s the Redskins. However,they are only on top because they have one less loss than the Cowboys and Eagles. The Eagles got off a slow start, and so did to the Cowboys. With Wentz beginning to be fully healthy, the Eagles will get hit again. Carson Wentz is just too good. The Cowboys have a good offense, but Dak Prescott just simply can’t carry the team. He’s too reliant on Ezekiel Elliot. It would take a lot for the Cowboys to win the division. I don’t expect the Redskins to maintain the division title. As we’ve seen, Alex Smith is the check-down guy. He just doesn’t have what it takes to carry the Redskins. The Redskins could maintain leading the division, but they need a lot of help. 

NFC West: Los Angles Rams 

Don’t overthink this one, the Rams are simply the best team in the NFL. Jared Goff is doing exactly everything he needs to do. He is making remarkable throws is tight windows. Todd Gurley is playing as the best running back in the league. The Rams have nailed the wide receiver spot in the past couple years. They made the right decision with trading for Brandon Cooks. He was worth the 1st round pick. Cooper Kupp has been an absolute steal for them. His knee injury will hurt the Rams, but it’s not going to kill them. Other wide receivers such as Robert Woods will step up for the Rams. The Rams offensive line has been above average, making their offense even more dangerous. The defensive line for them has been great. Donald has been a force to be reckon with. To top off the great talent, they have great coaching. There really isn’t a team that presents a threat to the Rams. The Rams will be on top of the NFC West, and likely win the NFC.