Nick Bosa’s Days as a Buckeye Come to an End

Nick Bosa is an animal on the field. He is many’s top 2019 Draft Prospect. Throughout his college career at Ohio State University, he has put together quite an impressive stat line. In three years with the football team, Bosa has racked up 77 tackles, 29 tackles for a loss, and 17.5 sacks, but he has also struggled with injuries. Once again, injury struck. In a controversial block by a TCU lineman, Bosa suffered an injury to a core muscle. After undergoing surgery, he was planning on returning to school and the team after 12 weeks of recovery, but him and his family have decided it would be best for him to forego the rest of the season in order to prepare for the NFL Draft.
Bosa is receiving a lot of backlash from not only fans of the team, but also media guys for his decision. Mike Farrell of says, “When a player announces that they will quit on their team mid-way through the season to focus on the NFL, I can’t help but being enraged.” I understand the outrage to an extent, but I fully support his decision. What else does he have to prove? He has set himself up as a top guy in his time at Ohio St.
I don’t understand why fans are upset. Bosa’s replacement (Chase Young) is a very talented player himself, and is likely a top 10 pick in the 2020 Draft. Aren’t fans supposed to support their team’s players? They should be happy that he is doing his best to stay healthy, and should be very excited to watch him play in the NFL.
Bosa is currently my number one prospect in the 2019 Draft with a grade of 93.0. He is a 1st round lock. His decision doesn’t hurt his stock in the slightest bit. I expect for him to make an immediate impact for whoever drafts him.