NFC and AFC South Players that could be Traded before the Trade Deadline

NFC South

Carolina Panthers: No One


I really don’t know how the Panthers are a good as they are. There roster just doesn’t have a lot of talent to me. Yet, they are still finding a way to get it done. Anyway, I don’t know a player on this roster that other teams would covet, that the Panthers would be willing to trade. All of their core pieces are guys they want to keep.


Atlanta Falcons: No One


Moving Tevin Coleman would make some sense if Devonta Freeman wasn’t on IR. Coleman is a free agent after this season, and I doubt that Atlanta resigns him because of the contract that they gave Freeman. Also, their season seemed like a lost cause with all of the injuries and starting off 1-4. However, this team is quietly getting back in the playoff mix, winning their last 2. I still believe that they believe they are good enough to compete. So don’t expect the Falcons to make any a major changes.


New Orleans Saints: No One


The Saints are clearly one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Which is why it wouldn’t make any sense to trade away any of their talent.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DeSean Jackson WR


DeSean Jackson has been pretty productive this year, and still has year left on his deal. So I am not saying that the Bucs should move him. However, with the emergence of Chris Godwin. They do not desperately need D Jax. I would consider trading him for the right price. You never know what teams in contention are willing to give up.

Potential Landing Spot: TEN, NYJ, PHI, JAX, GB, BAL, WAS, NE, MIA, IND


AFC South

Houston Texans: No One


Like the Falcons, this is another team that started slow, and fought their way back in contention. They are currently on top of the AFC South, and the rest of the division seems to be in shambles. This team seems to have legitimate championship aspirations, so I believe that are going to keep the guys that they have.


Indianapolis Colts: No One


General Manager Chris Ballard has done a great job reshaping this terrible roster. However, this rebuild is far from over. This team still needs a couple of pieces in order to become competitive. Meaning, they are not in the position to trade away any of their talent.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Dante Fowler DE


It’s fair to say that the Jags are in a rough spot right now. This team is absolutely loaded top to bottom. Except at one position, and it’s kind of an important one. Quarterback!!! They are finally realizing that Blake Bortles isn’t the answer (I don’t know why it took them this long). Which is why I don’t think this team is good enough to compete with their current Quarterback quandary. If they aren’t competing this season, than they should trade Dante Fowler.

Fowler had bumpy start to his career, but has been very productive for the Jags the past two seasons. He really has been a rotational player because of how deep they are. So it’s not like they desperately need him, and it’s obvious they feel the same way by not picking up his 5th year option. Meaning that he will be a free agent next season, and it doesn’t seem like they are going to extend him. The Jags could get a lot in return for the young and talented pass rusher. So they should be exploring their options, if he is not apart of their long term plans.

Potential Landing Spots: CHI, NO, PHI, NYJ, CLE, LAR, GB, DET, CAR, WAS


Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan OLB and Derrick Henry RB


At age 31, Derrick Morgan is not the same player that he was once. He is still solid enough to help a team, but probably as a rotational piece. The catch is that he is a free agent after this year, and it’s not looking like the Titans are going to resign him. Especially with the emergence of rookie Harold Landry, who has shown impressive flashes. I believe that is time to move forward with Landry, and trade Morgan for whatever they can get for him. I don’t believe this team is good enough to compete, which is why I don’t see the sense in losing Morgan for nothing in the off season.

Potential Landing Spots: LAR, PIT, GB, DET, NE, CHI, WAS, KC


Derrick Henry has been very ineffective for the Titans this year. Some of that has been because he just hasn’t been that great when he is on the field, and Tennessee hasn’t given him a lot of opportunities. They seem more than okay with Dion Lewis being the workhorse of this backfield, which is why I believe that they should trade Henry. There are a lot of teams that need a running back, and Henry doesn’t do anyone any good sitting on the bench.

Potential Landing Spots: PHI, NYJ, BAL, NE, SF, TB, CAR