Should The Browns Fire Hue Jackson?

The Cleveland Browns have went through multiple terrible seasons with Hue Jackson at the helm. This season, though, the Browns have turned it around a little bit. Through the first 7 games, the Browns are 2-4-1. Next week they face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last year the Browns surprisingly went 0-16, making a lot of people wonder if Hue Jackson’s time in Cleveland is coming to an end. This year is nothing new. Even though they have won multiple games this season. Many people around the NFL believe that Hue Jackson “may be fired even before the team’s bye week”, which comes later in the season.

Now, in this article I will explain why I think Hue Jackson should be fired.

Cleveland has given Jackson multiple chances to turn this franchise around. They’ve given him a lot of talent to coach…Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett, and Jarvis Landry to just name a few. Cleveland also needs a winning coach to turn their franchise around. Jackson just doesn’t give Cleveland a winning personality like you would need to win football games.

As a head coach with the Browns, Jackson has a record of 3-35-1 over his 3 seasons in Cleveland. A culture change may just be what Cleveland is looking for to change the franchise, and their record, around for the better.

Cleveland will have a good amount of cap space for thee 2019 off-season, along with multiple draft picks. Which will help bring in more top Free Agents, either now or a couple seasons from now.

After Cleveland’s overtime loss to the Buccaneers Sunday, Jackson mentioned this about his offense, “I’m not gonna continue to watch something I know how to do keep being that way. That’s just the truth. That’s nothing against anybody in our building, that’s just what I do and I need to be a little bit more involved.” Jackson went on to tell reporters, “Being a head coach and an offensive guy who has done this, I feel like I have every right to jump in there and see if I can help. And assist. And see if I can get this thing where it needs to be. We need to be better on offense, and if that’s my specialty, I need to be involved more and I will be.”

Jackson was the Browns play-caller in 2016 & 2017. They combined for 1 win during those 2 seasons that he called plays. Now with an offensive coordinator like Todd Haley, you would expect Jackson to let Haley call his own plays. It’s been working better for them than Jackson calling the plays, hasn’t it?

A couples names in case Jackson does in fact get fired mid-season would most likely include OC Todd Haley & DC Gregg Williams. I would expect Cleveland to stay in-house for their interim HC job. Williams & Haley would be perfect for the interim role.