Is Eli Manning a Hall of Fame Quarterback?

You may wonder why even bother asking if the struggling quarterback of a 1-7 team should be in the Hall of Fame. Despite Eli Manning’s rough past few seasons. He has had quite the successful and accomplished career. Looking at all these factors I believe Manning is indeed Hall of Fame material.

Even though the Giants are 1-7 and the offensive line definitely has some holes and flaws Eli Manning has still managed to throw for an impressive 2,377 yards in just 8 games. That makes him 4th in the league in passing yards this season!

Despite Eli Manning’s recent performance, he has had an illustrious career and already placed himself in the history. A fact that may surprise many is Manning holds a top 10 slot in two major NFL records. First, Eli Manning comes in 6th in all-time passing yards with a whopping 54,059 yards only trailing Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, his brother Peyton Manning, and the new record holder Drew Brees, in that order. Moving over to passing touchdowns Manning falls down one slot, but still ranks an impressive 7th all-time with 347. He trails Phillip Rivers, Dan Marino, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and again his brother Peyton Manning, in that order. Also, Eli only trails 6th place, held by Phillip Rivers, by 12 touchdowns.

Finally, Eli Manning and the Giants have been in two super in Manning’s career. Super Bowl XLVII they played the undefeated Patriots looking for the perfect season when the Giants shut them down crushing their dreams for a perfect season. A few years later in Super Bowl 46 the Giants once again defeated the Patriots and claimed their second Super Bowl in just 4 years. Other than some of the same players, the same two teams and the same champion what else did these two Super Bowls have in common?

Eli Manning was the Super Bowl MVP in both instances, people may look at Manning now and wonder how that’s possible, but Manning has been in the league for 14 years now, counting the 2018-2019 season. After 14 years of playing football, of course, Manning would no longer be in his prime. The majority of his stats reflect that though Manning still holds a top 5 slot for passing yards through the first half of this season, a major accomplishment for a struggling quarterback with an offensive line who struggles just as much.

I agree that now is the time for Manning to pack it up. However, looking back on a successful career with top 10 records in passing yards and passing touchdowns, 2 Super Bowl rings, and 2 Super Bowl MVPs under Manning’s belt there’s no denying he’s an accomplished quarterback. Once all his accomplishments are taken into account and people look beyond the past few seasons it is clear to me that Eli Manning will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.