Bengals fire Teryl Austin, bring back Hue Jackson

The Cincinnati Bengals are known to be a team who doesn’t make the necessary changes to win. They have kept Marvin Lewis around for 16 years, despite not having a singule playoff win. Owner Mike Brown is responsible for that. Mike Brown is really the responsibility for the Bengals playoff drought, as the drought started the year he took over as owner. He really has never been the guy to sign free agents. You can’t blame NFL fans for viewing him as a crappy owner who doesn’t care about winning. However, after the Bengals defense gave up 500 yards in 3 consecutive games, that was enough for him and the Bengals organization to fire defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. The Bengals didn’t stop there, as they also brought back Hue Jackson to be assistant TO the head coach (aka he’s Dwight Schrute).

Let’s start with Teryl Austin. The Bengals had to fire him. Like I previously said, the Bengals defense gave up 3 straight games of 500 yards, and had given up over 2000 yards in the last 4 games. Bengals are ranked last in total defense currently, and were on track be the worst defense in NFL history. Firing Austin was the right move. Before the season started, Marvin Lewis stated that the Bengals are playing to “win now.” This move supports that claim. Marvin Lewis has decided that he will take over play calling for the Bengals defense, and that is probably what’s realistically the best move. There was no positions coach that was a great option to step in as e defensive coordinator. Long ago, before Marvin Lewis because the Bengals head coach, he was considered a defensive mastermind. He was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens. He coordinated the Ravens defense that won the super bowl back in 2000. Some considered him as the best defense coordinator during his tenure. Now, the times have obviously changed, but with his experience, he’s the easy best choice to take over the defense.

As head coach, he can’t just completely be defensive coordinator AND head coach, and that’s where a Hue Jackson comes into play. Bengals recently hired Dwight Schrute, I mean Hue Jackson, to be the assistant TO(can’t stress the to enough)the head coach. He will actually be helping the defense more then the offense. He will analyze and scout opposing teams offenses. He is basically helping Marvin Lewis with head coach responsibilities. There should be fear among Bengal fans that he may be the Marvin’s successor, but that’s to be worried about at another time. At the end of the day, Hue Jackson isn’t a very good head coach, but has a history as being a great assistant. 

The Bengals made the right moves here. Them firing Austin is a potential season savor. They currently sit at 5-4, and were going to lose more games if Austin kept coaching. Bringing back Hue Jackson will help take pressure off of Marvin Lewis, which is much needed.