Will Grier Scouting Report

Name: Will Grier

SCHOOL: West Virginia


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Senior


HT: 6’1

WT: 214 lbs

Accuracy: Accurate at every level of the field. Throws a precise deep ball, and has some of the best touch in the class. Also consistently places ball out in front of receivers. Naturally anticipates throws on timing routes. Has shown the ability to be accurate off platform without good mechanics. Yet, all of inaccurate throws usually stem from poor mechanics.

Mental Processing: A very inconsistent processor. Doesn’t consistently identify disguised coverage. Also, has a hard time when teams show a variety of looks (Iowa State game). Doesn’t identify underneath/lurking defenders enough. Needs to improve identifying pre-snap keys. Especially against the blitz. Usually unaware of where the extra man is coming. Will consistently go through progressions when kept clean. However, eyes will lock onto targets when pressure is felt. Does a good job of recognizing mismatches in man coverage.

Decision Making: Not afraid to take chances. Has to be safer with the football. Needs to be okay with living to see another down at the next level. Has little sense of internal clock, and holds the ball for too long. Tries to create too much off script by extending plays that do not need to be extended. Shows flashes of being a decisive pocket passer, but often reverts back to undisciplined habits.

Poise: Isn’t afraid of the big moments. Showed a lot of poise in the Texas game. Tends to struggle under pressure. Keeps eyes down the field when the heat is coming, but often gets stuck on progressions in pressure situations.

Consistency: Inconsistency is a huge issue. Has a lot of “wow” plays but doesn’t win enough as a decisive thrower from the pocket. Other than accuracy, every trait that is mentioned up above hasn’t been consistent.

Mechanics: Has shown the ability to use good mechanics on routine throws. But doesn’t use them enough. Tends to throw off his back foot under pressure. Doesn’t square up his shoulders when throwing on the move. Also, base is often unbalanced after follow through step. Needs to keep two hands on the ball when looking to throw. Has to be more attentive when it comes to the little things.

Pocket Presence: Is okay at feeling rush, but has to improve on manipulating the pocket. Tends to escape whenever he feels pressure, and flee clean pockets. Will get too deep behind the line of scrimmage when attempting to avoid the rush. Needs to step up and slide in the pocket more, rather than always trying to escape it.

Arm Strength: Doesn’t have an elite arm, but good enough to make all the throws.  

Mobility: Average athlete. Can make some things happen with his feet, but will have to primarily play from the pocket in the NFL.

Best Trait: Accuracy

Worst Trait: Decision Making

Best Film: Texas (2018)

Worst Film: Iowa State (2018)

Pro Comparison: Case Keenum

Quarterback Will Grier projects better as backup than a starter at the next level. If he can improve his decision making and make strides to become a more disciplined pocket passer. He could be a solid starter. A West Coast Offense would be ideal for his skill set.

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