Will The Jets Fire Todd Bowles?

So far this season, the New York Jets have a 3-8 record & are 4th in the AFC East. This abysmal season has many fans, and people around the league wondering if this will be HC Todd Bowles final season in New York. So this brings up my question: should the Jets fire Todd Bowles?

Most of the Jets fan base would like to see Bowles head out of New York as soon as possible along with Jeremy Bates. But they might not get to see that happen for a couple more months.

A couple of weeks ago there was a report that came out that mentioned the Jets are unlikely to fire HC Todd Bowles during the season, then make a decision on Bowles’ future at the end of the season.

The Jets had a pretty good draft last off-season.

Round 1: Sam Darnold, QB

Round 3: Nathan Sheperd, DT

Round 4: Chris Herndon, TE

Round 6: Parry Nickerson, CB

Round 6: Florunso Fatukasi, DL

Round 6: Trenton Cannon, RB

The Jets hope that they found their franchise QB in Sam Darnold. They found a solid TE in the mid rounds with Chris Herndon. Nickerson provides solid depth in the secondary behind Buster Skrine and Morris Claiborne.

Bowles was hired by the Jets in 2015 after working in Arizona as their DC from 2013-2014. Since becoming the HC, the Jets have a total of 23 wins & 36 losses in his tenure. Which obviously isn’t very great, but he’s done some very good things in New York.

In 2015, Bowles almost brought the Jets to the playoffs with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Eric Decker, and Brandon Marshall. New York had a record of 10-6 and placed 2nd in the division that season and fell short of the playoffs by a game.

After that season, however, it’s all went downhill for Bowles & the Jets. They’ve had two 5-11 seasons where they finished 4th in the division and are 3-8 so far this year.

“It’s frustrating losing one game, (let alone) five,” Bowles said of the losing streak. Something drastic is going to need to happen for Bowles to have a chance at keeping his job, or he’ll be on the street come the off-season.

“A lot of times the same issues are recurring,” said Leonard Williams, insisting they’re still “a legit defense.”

The Jets have the 21st ranked defense in the league & the 29th ranked offense in the league. Their defensive ranking is the 2nd best in the division, in front of New England (22nd), and Miami (29th). Their offensive ranking is the 3rd worst in the division behind Buffalo (31st).

If this off-season all goes right for the Jets, they could be in for a very good 2019-20 season. Hopefully for Jets fans it happens nicely.