Daniel Jones Scouting Report



POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior


HT: 6’5

WT: 220 lbs

Accuracy: Accuracy is inconsistent beyond 15 yards. Doesn’t have firm command of ball placement. Ball is usually in receiver’s catch radius. Yet, will place ball behind or too out in front of receiver. Struggles to hit targets that are moving across the middle of the field. Has shown the ability to make accurate touch passes. Yet struggles with ball placement when throwing with anticipation. Is most accurate when throwing to uncovered targets that are moving linearly.

Processing: Struggles to move off his first read. Is not comfortable when having to go through progressions. Doesn’t consistently process coverage and attack it properly. Reliant on quick passing game or predetermined pre-snap plan. Tends to lock eyes on one part of the field, leaving them susceptible to be read by defenders. Will not see open receivers in the soft spots of the coverage because of lack of eye movement. Needs to better at anticipating throwing windows/open receivers by identifying the coverage correctly. Doesn’t see the blitz well.

Decision Making: Does a good job of getting the ball out quickly. Will force the ball to his first read even if it’s covered. Takes unnecessary shots down the field when nothing is open at times. But mostly throws the ball away and lives to see another down when there is nothing is open. Holds onto ball under pressure when first read isn’t open.

Poise: His performance tends to make or break Duke’s chances to win. Is most effective when playing with a lead and managing the offense. Struggles with playing from behind or in shoot outs (when Duke has to open the offense up). Stands in the pocket under pressure but will take sacks because eyes are locked onto one target. Not afraid to stand in the face of rush to make a throw. But is uncomfortable speeding up his process under duress. 

Consistency:  Consistent when first read is open and the offensive game plan is effective. Shown that he is not comfortable going through progressions and making off script reads.  

Mechanics: Quick release that allows him to get the ball out fast. However, weight transfer (how he steps through throws) is segmented and unbalanced. Will make all arm throws because of poor mechanics which causes inaccuracy. Needs to be more deliberate with stepping towards the direction he is throwing in.

Pockets Presence: Feels pressure well and climbs the pocket. Doesn’t slide very much, but does a good job of escaping collapsing pockets. Will gets antsy to flee pockets if there is continuous pressure.

Arm Strength: Adequate arm to throw ball to all levels of the field. Will occasionally float throws that require more arm strength. Doesn’t put enough zip on the ball to contest tighter windows that are further down the field.

Mobility: Is a respectable athlete that van make things happen with his legs. Incorporated in the run game in Duke’s offense. Is comfortable when extending plays out of structure. Needs to look to pass more in these situations.

Best Trait: Pocket Presence

Worst Trait: Processing

Best Film: North Carolina (2018)

Worst Film: Virginia (2018)

Pro Comparison: Brock Osweiler

Daniel Jones’s deficiencies in processing and field vision project him as a backup in the NFL. However, his prototype build and above average physical tools might entice teams to try and develop him to be their starting Quarterback. He will need to clean up some mechanical issues and speed up his mental process to fully develop. The lack of velocity he puts on the ball might hold him back from reaching starter potential. A quick/rhythm Spread Offense would be ideal for his skill set.

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