Drew Lock Scouting Report

NAME: Drew Lock

SCHOOL: Missouri


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’3

WT: 225 lbs

Accuracy: Accuracy and ball placement are inconsistent. Doesn’t always have command of the ball. Needs to be more consistent with leading his receivers on anticipatory throws. Will throw short passes in the dirt or behind receivers. Struggles the most with passes over the middle of the field. Throws one of the prettiest deep balls in the class. Shows flashes of tremendous touch especially when throwing towards the sideline. Vertical accuracy has improved every year. Has the ability to make accurate off platform throws because of arm talent. However will tend to rely on arm talent over sound mechanics. Which causes inaccuracy.

Mental Processing: Slow processor. Tends to get stuck on first read.  Does not go through his progressions enough. Rarely makes full field reads. Often keeps eyes on one part of the field. Doesn’t manipulate defenders with eyes enough. Has shown some improvement each year, but would’ve liked to see more. Struggles with seeing and anticipating throwing windows before they are open. Often predetermines read pre-snap, and doesn’t respond to what coverage the defense is in.

Decision Making: Safe with ball the when kept clean. Will check it down or throw it away when nothing is open. Careful with the football when extending plays as well. Does a good job of not forcing throws when protection holds up. Not afraid to make tight window throws when he sees the window. Will hold onto the ball too long at times. Makes poor decisions under pressure.

Poise: Hasn’t risen to occasion against top competition (besides Florida). Plays his best games against weaker teams. However, has usually been the reason why Missouri wins or loses. Is shaky under pressure. Needs to stand tall in the pocket against the rush. Fades away from the line of scrimmage when pressure is felt. Also is prone to putting the ball in harm’s way when things heat up in the pocket. Things don’t slow down (for him) when the chaos increases. Noticeably uncomfortable in crowded pockets.

Consistency: Very inconsistent. Every trait listed above comes in flashes.

Mechanics: Will usually step into throws and use good mechanics when the pocket is clean. Yet tends to throw off his back foot and fade away from the line of scrimmage when any type of rush is felt. Base is often unbalanced and relies solely on upper body to make throws in these pressure situations. 3 quarter delivery (his release) makes the ball susceptible of getting deflected at the line of scrimmage.

Pocket Presence: Feels pressure, but doesn’t locate it. Tends to keep backing up in the pocket, even with room to step up. Will see ghosts in the pocket at times as well. Has to be willing to step up into crowed pockets at the next level.  

Arm Strength: Dynamic arm talent. Has one of the strongest arms in the class. Gets velocity on the football with ease. 

Mobility: Isn’t going to beat teams with his legs, but can make some things happen on the move. Has functional mobility.

Best Trait: Arm Strength

Worst Trait: Consistency/Processing 

Best Film: Florida (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2018)

Pro Comparison: Derek Carr

Drew Lock has all of the physical tools to be a high level starting Quarterback in the NFL. However, shaky play under pressure, slow processing, and inconsistency makes him a highly coveted developmental prospect. He will need time to sit and learn to ever reach his ceiling. A vertical passing attack would be best for his skill set.

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