Brett Rypien Scouting Report

NAME: Brett Rypien

SCHOOL: Boise State

CONFERENCE: Mountain West


CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’2

WT: 203 lbs

Accuracy: Accurate at every level of the field (for the most part). Ball is consistently placed on the numbers of the receiver. Has good touch on vertical passes as well. Will miss receivers on timing routes against tight man coverage at times. But does a good job of anticipating targets coming open. Leads receivers into open space with ball placement.

Processing: Relatively fast mental processor. Quick to identify coverage and attack it accordingly. Has a plan pre snap and also responds to coverage when it changes. Manipulates defenders with his eyes to open throwing windows. Has no problem running a system with pro style passing and protection concepts. Is not reliant on first read. Consistently goes through progressions and makes full field reads. Will lose sight of underneath defenders at times. 

Decision Making: Does a good job of not forcing throws. Usually takes what the defense gives him. Not afraid to contest tight windows. Will put the ball into some tight spots. Is a bit of a gun slinger. Makes a bonehead decision here and there but relatively safe with the ball. His worst decisions are made under pressure. Internal clock (to get rid of the ball) is inconsistent.  

Poise: Solid under pressure. Will stand in the face of the rush and deliver a pass. Not afraid to take hit in the pocket. Panics at times when he doesn’t know where the pressure is coming from. Is usually the reason why Boise state wins or loses games.

Consistency: Has been consistent for the majority of his senior season (besides the San Diego State Game).

Mechanics: Textbook mechanics. Consistently brings trail foot forward and utilizes entire body to put velocity on the ball. Has a quick release with (ideal) over the head delivery. 

Pocket Presence: Does a good job of feeling the rush and climbing the pocket. Knows how to slide to avoid rushers. Stays disciplined in pocket to keep mechanics intact as well.

Arm Strength: Has an adequate amount of arm strength to make every throw. Generates enough velocity on the ball to contest tight windows. Will let the ball hang occasionally when throwing to deeps out routes . Arm strength might be a concern for teams that run a vertical passing attack.

Mobility: Isn’t a great athlete but pick up the occasional first down when there are lanes to run. Shown that he can extend plays with his legs but will have to play from the pocket at the next level.

Best Trait: Processing

Worst Trait: Arm Strength

Best Film: Troy (2018)

Worst Film: San Diego State (2018)

Pro Comparison: Kirk Cousins

Brett Rypien’s mental skill set, poise under pressure, and above average accuracy project him as a solid starter. His average physical tools indicate that he doesn’t have the upside that most NFL teams covet, but can still be a capable starter in the right system and with above average talent around him. A West Coast Offense is ideal for his skill set.   

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