Ryan Finley Scouting Report

NAME: Ryan Finley



POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior


HT: 6’4

WT: 210 lbs

Accuracy: Accurate on short and intermediate level throws. Usually has command of ball placement when throwing within 25 yards. Vertical accuracy is inconsistent. Shows flashes of good touch, but will also overthrow receivers. Does a good job of  leading his receivers on anticipatory throws. Especially against man coverage. Ball is usually placed out in front of his targets, leading them into open space. But will throw behind receivers on occasion (mostly on deep out routes). Accurate on the move.

Processing: Relatively slow processor. Has a pre-snap plan to attack the coverage the defense is showing. However, fails to respond if the coverage changes. Almost always predetermines where to throw the ball. Relies on first read being open and locks his eyes on one part of the field. Does not go through progressions or make full field reads enough. Fails to find soft spots in zone coverage. Struggles to identify where the blitz is coming and attack the vacated areas of the field as well. Can move defenders with his eyes when correctly identifying the coverage.

Decision Making: Is fine when first read is open but panics when it isn’t. Needs to be more disciplined in the pocket. Relies on escaping out of the structure of the play for targets to uncover if first read isn’t open. Will sometimes take unnecessary risks to get the ball to his top play-makers. Makes poor decisions under pressure. Will put the ball in harm’s way when first read isn’t open against the blitz.

Poise: Isn’t comfortable under pressure. Usually panics when under duress. Things do not slow down for him when the chaos increases. Has not consistently come through for NC State when relied on to win the big games. Struggles when playing from behind.

Consistency: Is consistent when asked to manage games and make easy throws. Fails to sustain the same consistency in shoot outs or comeback situations.

Mechanics: Quick and efficient release. Doesn’t get enough power from lower body to get optimal velocity on the ball. Needs to be more consistent with keeping his base balanced and bringing his trail foot forward. Mechanics deteriorate under duress.  

Pocket Presence: Competent at feeling pressure. Tries to escape the pocket before navigating it. But steps up to avoid collapsing edge rushers. Occasionally runs into sacks. 

Arm Strength: Limited arm. Struggles to put velocity on the ball which gets him into trouble when contesting tight windows. Will float throws that need to be thrown on a line. Definitely will be a concern at the next level.

Mobility: Is an average athlete who can pick up first downs when there are lanes to run. Is able to extend plays with his legs every now and then. But will have to primarily play from the pocket in the NFL.

Best Trait: Short and Intermediate Accuracy

Worst Trait: Processing

Best Film: Clemson (2017)

Worst Film: Clemson (2018)

Pro Comparison: Cody Kessler

Because of his slow processing skills and limited physical tools, Ryan Finley projects as an okay backup Quarterback at the pro level. He could be able to win a couple of games in a perfect situation but has not shown the consistency or yearly improvement to be coveted as an NFL caliber starter. A quick passing/rhythm offense would be ideal for his skill set.

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