Easton Stick Scouting Report

NAME: Easton Stick

SCHOOL: North Dakota State


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’2

WT: 222 lbs

Accuracy: Accuracy is inconsistent. Shows flashes of optimal ball placement on all levels of the field. Yet has a bad habit of sailing passes (especially in the intermediate parts of the field) because of early release point. Also throws behind moving targets at times. Does a good job of leading his receivers into open space to create YAC. Has shown the ability to drop the ball in bucket on vertical passes, but doesn’t do it enough. Needs to be more consistent with ball placement. Isn’t as accurate off platform.

Processing: Goes through progressions but his process is slow. Needs to be quicker to move off his first read when it isn’t open. Will occasionally get lazy with his eyes, leaving them susceptible for defenders to read. Does a good job of finding the soft spots of zone coverage and contesting the correct the throwing windows. Rarely gets caught up by under neath defenders. Has shown the ability to manipulate defenders with his eyes and use pump fakes to move coverage. Want to see him make full fields more and at a faster pace.

Decision Making: Home run hitter play style. Loves to take deep shots and go for it all. Is comfortable extending plays outside of structure. Gun slinger mentality will get him into trouble at times. Puts the ball in harms way by attempting to contest throwing windows that are closed. Also will throw into double or sometimes triple coverage trying a throw that he shouldn’t. Needs learn to live to see another down by throwing the ball away or dumping it off to his check down (when nothing is open). Internal clock must speed up. Want to see him be more decisive from the pocket. As a runner, he has to slide more. Will not be able to take as many hits at the pro level.

Poise: Has been the driving force of NDSU’s success after Carson Wentz left. Preforms well in big games for the most part. Displays physical and mental toughness consistently. Has a short memory in terms of making mistakes. Relatively comfortable under duress. Flashes the ability over come pressure. Willing to step into free rushers and a take a shot to deliver a throw. Seems antsy to escape the pocket at times and needs to better a job of not dropping his eyes to pressure.

Consistency: Gun slinger play style warrants peaks and valleys in his performances. Has a lot of “wow plays” but still makes some of the same mistakes.  Hasn’t shown much year to year growth, which is disappointing from a four year senior. Inconsistencies with his ball placement and accuracy are concerning.

Mechanics: Release is a little elongated but it shouldn’t be detrimental at the pro level. Needs to do a better job of gauging his release point of the ball according to the throw. Will let go of the ball too early when driving the it to the intermediate parts of the field. Causing him to sail passes. Has sound lower body mechanics. Feet are almost always in rhythm, opening up many possible platforms to throw from. Gets desired amount of torque from his hips when putting velocity on the ball. Does a good job of consistently bringing his trail foot through and keeping his base balanced.

Pocket Presence: Feels rushers that are in front of him or that are coming from the right side (the ones he can see). Struggles with felling pressure from his blind side. Needs to do a better of job climbing the pocket. Times where he stands at the same depth for too long, letting the pocket collapse on him. Is elusive in the pocket when intentionally (sees where rusher are coming from) trying to evade rushers.

Arm Strength: Has one of the strongest arms in the class. Can make throws to all levels of the field. Puts an exceptional amount of velocity on the ball. Allowing him to make throws through tight windows.

Mobility: Above average athlete with good straight line speed. Shown the ability to make defenders miss in space.

Best Trait: Poise

Worst Trait: Consistency

Best Film: Delaware (2018)

Worst Film: SDSU (2018)

Pro Comparison: CJ Bethard

Easton Stick’s physical talent, poise, 4 years of experience under a pro style system, and gritty mentality check a lot of NFL boxes. However his inconsistencies with accuracy, decision making, processing, and lack of competition project him best as a developmental prospect. In order to reach his potential he will need time to sit and learn to fix some of his flaws. Stick is a true boom or bust prospect that will be very polarizing for some teams. A vertical passing attack would be ideal for his skill set.

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