Gardner Minshew Scouting Report

Name: Gardner Minshew II

SCHOOL: Washington State


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Senior (East Carolina transfer)


HT: 6’1

WT: 215 lbs

Accuracy: Accurate at all levels of the field. Has command of ball placement when in rhythm. Will have spurts of inaccuracy at times (Wyoming Game). Does a good job of leading receivers in stride into open space. Throws one of the best back shoulder balls in the class. Uses excellent touch on vertical passes, Shown ability to drop balls in the bucket. Is relatively accurate off platform on short passes. But will miss receivers down the field while on the run. Consistently delivers accurate passes in the face pressure.

Processing: Inconsistent processor. Shows flashes of quickly identifying the coverage and taking what the defense gives. Yet will wait for first read to come open when unaware of what the defense is in. Usually goes through progressions but process is slow. Relies on excellent protection to go through each read. Makes full field reads but doesn’t look comfortable when doing so. Will have to have to speed up his process at the next level. Does a good job of manipulating defenders with eyes. Sees and anticipates windows/soft spots in coverage.

Decision Making: Makes good decisions for the most part. Usually takes what the defense gives him. Finds check downs or throws the ball away when nothing is open down the field. Not afraid of contesting tight windows. Will take shots down the field to give his receivers chances. Internal clock needs to get faster. Holds onto the ball too long at times. Want to see him be more decisive. Makes good decisions under duress. Takes unnecessary risks every now and then.

Poise: Came through in most big game situations. Showed a lot of poise in the Oregon game. Doesn’t seem afraid of the big moment. Operates comfortably under duress as well. Stays composed in crowded pockets. However, will occasionally fade away from the line of scrimmage under pressure. Not afraid to take a shot from a defender to a deliver pass.

Consistency: Has came a long way from his first game of his senior season (vs. Wyoming). Continued to improve week by week. Looked more comfortable operating the offense as the season went on. Took a bit of step back against Washington.

Mechanics: Release is quick with little wasted movement. Does a good job of stepping through and transferring his weight on vertical passes. Needs to be as consistent with mechanics on every throw. Tends keep his trail foot planted on short/intermediate passes towards the middle of the field. Has to be more deliberate with flipping his hips in the direction of the intended target. Tends to makes all arms throws because of poor mechanics. Needs to keep his base balanced in the face of rushers and not back away.

Pocket Presence: Feels pressure well. Steps up and slides in the pocket to avoid rushers. Does a good job of escaping collapsing pockets, but will flee clean pockets when first reads aren’t open. Is comfortable outside of the pocket and on the move. Keeps his eyes down the field in these situations.

Arm Strength: Above average arm strength. Can throw the ball to all levels of the field. Gets adequate amount of velocity to make tight window throws. Struggles to get as much velocity on vertical passes.

Mobility: Functional athlete that can pick up the first downs when there are open lanes to run. Uses mobility most effectively to extend plays in the passing games.

Best Trait: Accuracy

Worst Trait: Mechanics/Processing

Best Film: USC (2018)

Worst Film: Wyoming (2018)

Pro Comparison: Colt McCoy

Gardner Minshew possess a number of NFL starting Quarterback caliber traits (EX: above average arm talent, composure under pressure, and solid decision making) but because he only played one year against power 5 competition and has inconsistencies with his mental process. There are serious questions about how he will adjust to the speed of the pro level. The Senior Bowl will be a big part of his evaluation, when seeing how he preforms under NFL coaching. Right now he projects best as a quality backup that could eventually develop into a starter. His success will heavily rely on the team he gets drafted to. A NFL version of the Spread Offense mixed with West Coast concepts would be best for his skill set.

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