Tyree Jackson Scouting Report

NAME: Tyree Jackson

SCHOOL: Buffalo


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior


HT: 6-7

WT: 245 lbs

Accuracy: Accuracy is spotty. Needs to be more (consistently) accurate on routine throws. Ball placement isn’t as precise as it needs to be. Will throw behind targets moving across the field on occasion. Uses excellent touch on vertical passes but will also under or over throw open receivers at times. Ball placement on timing and throws is inconsistent. The shorter the distance (on these types of throws) the more accurate he is. Has shown that he can deliver accurate balls off platform or on the move.

Processing: Is comfortable operating in the quick passing game. Usually only reads half of the field because of offensive system. Will try to escape or extend the play when first or second read isn’t open. Struggles to go through all of his progressions and make full field reads. Although he does a good job of identifying pre-snap keys, he often predetermines where to go with the ball. Must learn how to manipulate defenders with his eyes. Anticipates throws well against man coverage but has harder time against zone. Does an adequate job of finding the vacated areas against the blitz.

Decision Making: Tries to get the ball out quickly, having some sense of an internal clock. Flashes the ability to be a decisive pocket passer yet often relies on extending the play for targets to uncover when his primary reads aren’t open. Does a good job of checking the ball down when no one is open but needs to do it more. Not afraid to take chances down the field and give his receivers a chance to make a play. Most of his mistakes are because he got “greedy” rather than being confused by the coverage. Will try to contest windows that are closed or force a dangerous throw to make something happen. Plays with pass first mentality, but more than willing to run.

Poise: Buffalo relied on him to be great in big moments and he has usually delivered. However, does get a lot of help from supporting cast and scheme. Is calm under physical pressure. Has shown the willingness to take a shot from a free rusher to deliver a pass. Almost always keeps his eyes down the field under duress.

Consistency:  Accuracy and mechanics are inconsistent. Makes poor decisions every now and then.

Mechanics: Release is elongated. Utilizes a long wind up that takes time for him to get the ball out of his hands. Also has a bad habit of over striding. Base is often unbalanced after follow through step. Makes all arm throws because of poor lower body mechanics. Needs to keep his feet in more of a rhythm. Usually flat footed in the pocket, making it difficult to create a quick platform to throw from. Doesn’t always fully extend his arm when following through with the ball on throws that require more velocity. Inconsistencies with release point cause inaccuracy. Holds the ball with one hand too much. Must learn to keep two hands on the ball at all times.

Pocket Presence: Feels pressure well. Knows when to climb or escape the pocket. Does a good job of making free rushers miss. Will flee clean pockets to create on his own occasionally.

Arm Strength: Elite arm talent. Has made throws with no lower body torque 60 yards down the field. Gets a tremendous amount of velocity on the ball. Can make throws that most Quarterbacks can’t.

Mobility: Above average athlete with great straight-line speed. Doesn’t mind running, but usually looks to pass in scramble situations.

Best Trait: Arm Strength

Worst Trait: Mechanics

Best Film: Miami of Ohio (2018)

Worst Film: Central Michigan (2018)

Pro Comparison: Blake Bortles

Tyree Jackson has elite physical tools but because of his lack of mental polish, undisciplined mechanics, and inconsistencies with accuracy. The most concerning part about his game is his long release because it tends to be very hard to change how a QB throws the ball. Which is why he serves best as a developmental prospect who needs time to reach his potential. A vertical passing attack would be ideal for his skill set.

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