Is New England’s Dynasty Crumbling Under Our Noses?

There’s no question that the New England Patriots have one of the best dynasties in sports, winning 5 Superbowls. But, how long will this dynasty last? I’m here to tell you why it could be crumbling without anybody realizing it.

Tom Brady is arguably the best QB in history, accumulating all of the stats, records, and achievements you can think of. But could he value fatherhood sooner rather than later? Brady is currently 41 years old and is still throwing the ball beautifully. But his stats have steadily decreased from last season, totaling 10 less TDs, and 877 less yards.

There has been rumors that Rob Gronkowski was considering retirement at one point last off-season, but elected to come back and play this season. Gronkowski suffered a major decline this season, totaling only 658 yards and 3 TDs on the season. It was clear on Sunday versus the Steelers that Gronk was a non-factor all game. I could see Gronk retiring at the same time Brady does.

Josh McDaniels has already been linked to multiple HC vacancies this year and even almost went to Indianapolis for their vacancy.  A couple teams that McDaniels has been linked to are the Cleveland Browns (fired Hue Jackson) and the Green Bay Packers (fired Mike McCarthy). If McDaniels leaves, he would be the 2nd assistant coach to leave the Patriots, the last one being Matt Patricia when he went to the Detroit Lions.

Former coach Rex Ryan chimed in on the Patriots, saying “They’re absolutely in trouble,” Ryan said. “I’ve been saying it for weeks now, this is not the same Patriots team. The reason why is simple: they’re older, they’re slower, and eventually Father Time catches up to you.”

Once Bill Belichick steps down from the team, i could see both Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski following him. The Patriots have been one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, but sadly, all dynasties must come to and end eventually. If the Steelers game was any indication of that, we could be seeing the start of their downfall.