Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report

NAME: Dwayne Haskins

SCHOOL: Ohio State

POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore


HT: 6-3

WT: 220 lbs

Accuracy: Flashes the ability to be accurate at all levels of the field but fails to be consistent with ball placement. Overthrows plague his vertical accuracy at times. Also, will sail passes when trying to layer throws between 2nd and 3rd level defenders. Is most accurate when in rhythm, but will have stretches where ball placement is erratic. Almost always leads receivers that are running in breaking routes into open space. Comfortable when throwing to spots and anticipating where his targets are going to be. Accuracy deteriorates when off his spot and under pressure. 
Processing: Has a pre-snap plan but responds to change in coverage as well. Comfortable when going through progressions. Does not rely on first read or predetermined plan of attack when protection holds up. Interceptions/mistakes were rarely a result of misidentifying coverage. Would like to see him be a bit quicker moving off progressions as he gains more experience. Is crafty in terms of using eye movement and pump fakes to move coverage. Sees and contest throwing windows as they open. Has a good sense of field vision. Needs to do a better job of locating blitzes pre-snap and attacking the vacated areas of the field. Runs a simplistic offense that has not particularly translated well to the NFL. Will have to show teams that he can handle a more complex offense. 
Decision Making: Makes good decisions when protection is solid. Will try to make to throws that he shouldn’t every now and then. Doesn’t have  problem with checking the ball down but needs to be okay with throwing the ball away. Seems like he is too quick to check it down at times. Is prone of putting the ball in harms way when under pressure. Would rather force a pass than take a loss. Needs to learn to take a sack when there is no play to make. 
Poise: Has played exceptional in big games. Always up for the occasion in shoot outs and plays well in crunch time. Can handle pressure in spurts. However, struggles when it’s constant. Shown the willingness to take a shot from a free rusher to deliver a pass. Tends to drop his eyes when primary reads aren’t open and the initial rush is felt. Always looks to pass in pressure situations. 
Consistency: Consistency is a big question mark, considering he only has had one year as a starter. Accuracy, decision making, and composure under physical pressure were erratic at times this season.  
Mechanics: Arguably has the quickest and cleanest release in the class. Can generate velocity on the ball with the flick of his wrist. Needs to be mindful of constantly bringing his trail foot forward. Makes all arm throws with his base parallel to the LOS at times. Shown the ability to use sound lower body mechanics but needs to be more consistent. 
Pocket Presence: Often stays at the same depth in the pocket after his drop. Will step in the pocket but needs to be more urgent in doing so. Has some sense of feeling pressure but tries to get the ball out rather than evading rushers. Finds the creases in the pocket to escape when there is nothing open down the field. 
Arm Strength: More than enough arm to make all of the throws. Gets zip on the ball with ease and can reach all levels of the field.  
Mobility: Has functional straight line speed but is very much a pocket passer. Not as comfortable when passing on the move. 
Best Trait: Arm Strength
Worst Trait: Consistency 
Best Film: Northwestern (2018)
Worst Film: Purdue (2018)
Pro Comparison: Sam Bradford
Dwayne Haskins fits the mold of a prototypical pocket passer in the NFL. His ideal size, big arm, above average processing skills, and relatively good decision making check a lot of the boxes of a franchise QB. The “wow throws” are also enticing, showing the ability to be accurate at all levels of the field. However, he must show that he can be more consistent with his ball placement and stay composed under duress. To reach his full potential, he will need a year to sit and learn. If he furthers his development and lands in the right system, he will have what it takes to be a quality starting Quarterback at the next level. How high is his ceiling? That really depends on how he progresses mentally. A West Coast offense would be ideal for his skill set. 
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