Top Candidates for the New York Jets in 2019?

The New York Jets have struggled to find a coach to lead their team through a rebuild that seems like it has been going on forever. Coaches as of late have just seemed to not be what the organization is looking for from the offensive side of things. Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles are just two coaches that the Jets have hired that have truly been what they are advertised to do and that is help out the defense, but what the Jets need is a offensive minded coach that can develop young quarterback Sam Darnold into the franchise QB they drafted him to be. Some options to lead this team to prosperity after a long awaited period of losing after the inevitable firing of Todd Bowled after the 2018 season are;
  1. Mike McCarthy
    Head Coaching Record- 125-77-2(.618)
    1 Super Bowl in 2010
    Best Season was in 2011(15-1)
    0-1 in the Playoffs that year
    Ranked 3rd in Total Offense and 1st in Scoring and 2nd in Giveaways
    Ranked 32nd in Yards Allowed and 19th in Points allowed and 1st in Takeaways
    Past players of note
    Aaron Rodgers
    Davante Adams
    Drew Brees
    Charles Woodson
    Brett Favre
  2. John Harbaugh
    Head Coaching Record-102-72(.586)
    1 Super Bowl in 2012
    Best Season in 2008
    2-1 in the playoffs that year
    Ranked 18th in Total Offense, 11th in Scoring, and 8th in Giveaways
    Ranked 2nd in Yards Allowed, and 3rd in Points Allowed, and 1st in Takeaways
    Past Players of Note
    Joe Flacco
    Colin Kaepernick
    Ray lewis
    Ed Reed
    Terrell Suggs
  3. Lincoln Riley
    2 years as Oklahoma H.C. record- 24-3(.889)
    2 time Big 12 Champion
    Best Season(so far) in 2017
    Lost in the Rose Bowl 54-48 to Georgia
    Totaled for 579.6 Yard per game, 5.7 Touchdowns per game, and 0.9 Giveaways per game
    Totaled for 394.9 Yards Allowed, 3.3 Touchdowns Allowed per game, and 1.3 Takeaways per game
    Past Players of Note
    Baker Mayfield
    Kyler Murray
    Rodney Anderson
    Marquise Brown
    CeeDee Lamb
  4. Eric Bieniemy
    O.C. of The Kansas City Chiefs
    As of Week 15 the Chiefs rank 1st in Points per game, 1st in Offensive Yards per game, 2nd in Passing Yards per game, and 16th in Rushing Yards per game
    Players of Note
    Pat Mahomes
    Tyreek Hill
    Kareem Hunt
    Travis Kelce
    Sammy Watkins
  5. Bob Stoops
    H.C. of the Oklahoma Sooners for 18 years before stepping down in 2016
    Record as HC for the Sooners- 190-48(.798)
    Lost the BCS Championship in 2008
    6 time Big 12 Coach of the Year Award
    2 time Walter Camp Coach of the Year Award
    Past Players of Note
    Sam Bradford(Heisman Winner)
    Gerald McCoy
    Adrian Peterson
    Trent Williams
    Dede Westbrook
    Baker Mayfield