Damien Harris Scouting Report

NAME: Damien Harris

SCHOOL: Alabama


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Senior


HT: 5’10

WT: 216 lbs

Vision: Decisive runner who wastes little time in the back field. Understands multiple schemes and does a good job of reading leveraged lineman. Has flashed the ability to cut back and break outside the structure of the play when the point of attack is plugged. But mostly stays within the scheme. Shown that he can set up linebackers at the second level as well.

Burst and Long Speed: Good short area quickness but burst isn’t elite. Looks most explosive on outside zone schemes. Even though long speed is average, does have a second gear of speed to kick into in the open field. Yet, lacks home run hitting speed.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is one of his best traits. Has a natural feel for bouncing and redirecting off of contact. Runs through arm tackles with ease and keeps his base balanced when doing so. Power is adequate. Can power through scrums for extra yards but doesn’t run over tacklers. Would like to see him inflict a more significant blow to defenders.

Elusiveness: Not very elusive in the open field. Doesn’t possess the shiftiness to make defenders miss. Like mentioned before isn’t the most powerful runner either. Best at bouncing off and breaking tackles but isn’t that dynamic of a ball carrier.

Change of Direction: Change of direction is good when pressing the LOS but has a hard time stopping at full speed. Uses jump cuts when choosing what hole to hit but struggles to deploy those same cuts in the open field.

Receiving Ability: Possesses modest hands and the ability to run simple routes. However, lack of elusiveness doesn’t project him to thrive in the passing game. Most effective in the screen game where he can use his vision and COD.

Pass Protection: Looked more willing to pass protect in his Senior season but still needs to take more initiative in doing so. Needs to improve some things with his blocking technique but has the frame to become an adequate protector.

Durability: Been in a committee for most of his time at Alabama. However, has the frame to handle a full work load at the pro level. Also never had a significant injury in college.

Best Trait: Vision

Worst Trait: Elusiveness

Best Film: LSU (2018)

Worst Film: Georgia (2018 National Championship Game)

Pro Comparison: CJ Anderson

Damien Harris is a smart runner who possesses the frame to be work horse in the NFL. However, his average athleticism and lack of dynamic ball carrier skills project him as a running back in a committee. He could fill in a feature role on occasion but would be most effective complimenting another back with an opposite skill set. He fits a number of schemes, yet a zone scheme would be a ideal.

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