Are the Houston Texans a Legitimate Super Bowl Contender?

The Texans suffered early hen taking a closer look at their season they proved THEY ARE legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

The Texans season took a hit early falling to 0-3 after the first three weeks. Then, in week four things started to look up- Watson was hitting his stride, and the Texans came up with 2 crucial fumbles, one in the end zone for a touchdown and one in the Colts’ 20 leading to another touchdown. Soon the cracks started to show as the Texans 28-10 lead turned into a 31-31 tie heading to overtime. However, the Texans managed to snag a 37-34 victory from the jaws of a tie and propelled forward their upcoming win streak.

The Texans first victory marked the beginning of a dominant nine-game win streak, and most recently 10 of the last 12 games falling to the Colts and the Eagles, this past Sunday.

Both games were a battle where a field goal became the deciding factor for the victory. The Eagles game from a just a few days ago provides the perfect example. The game had been a good one and fairly even until late in the fourth quarter when the Eagles began to pull away. It seems the Eagles hit the nail in the coffin with 5 and a half minutes left when the Eagles crossed midfield already holding a 29-16 lead. However, the Texans weren’t going out without a fight and on the first play since crossing midfield they knocked the ball loose and recovered it. In less than a minute they drove back the other way and narrowed the Eagles’ lead to 29-23. The Texans then got the ball back with 4 minutes left and drove to the end zone taking a late 30-29 lead with two minutes left. Sadly, that was all the Eagles needed to make their way to field goal range and win the game. Despite the loss, the Texans continued to establish themselves as a strong team and a tough opponent.

The Texans have showcased a very competitive offense and a fairly strong defense as of late. Their victories over the past 12 weeks and even the two losses have shown the Texans are a formidable opponent and one who shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

They recently secured a playoff guaranteeing them a shot at the Super Bowl, a goal which would have been unimaginable after week 3. Even though many strong opponents await them, the Texans hot streak and high powered performances show they shouldn’t be counted out of the Super Bowl just yet.

Are the Houston Texans a Legitimate Super Bowl Contender?