Devin Singletary Scouting Report

Name: Devin Singletary

SCHOOL: Florida Atlantic


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’9

WT: 200 lbs

Vision: Patient runner who waits in the back field for blocks to develop down the field. Usually hits the right holes but will misread leveraged defenders at times. Natural feel for finding space at the second level. Senses tacklers in his blind slide as well. Shown that he can create on his own but takes what the defense gives him for the most part.

Burst and Long Speed: Lacks both burst and long speed. Doesn’t possess optimal short area quickness to explode through holes. Needs room to run to reach top speed and top speed isn’t impressive. Will have a hard time beating defenders to pursuit angles at the next level.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is excellent. Rarely goes down after first contact, even in the backfield. Possesses a low center of gravity that allows him to absorb contact and break arm tackles. Takes a valiant effort from defenders to get him down. Has shown the ability to run behind pads and power through scrums for extra yards as well. But because of not having much burst, doesn’t inflict much of a blow on defenders.

Elusiveness: Illustrates wiggle and shiftiness to make defenders miss, while also being a force to bring down. Naturally elusive in the open field as well. Does an exceptional job of making the free man at the LOS miss.

Change of Direction: Lateral movement skills are impressive. Loose hips and light feet allow him to change direction with ease.  Also can “cut on a dime” to redirect his path. Yet doesn’t gain much ground when deploying these cuts.

Receiving Ability: Functional hands but small catch radius. Has optimal stop and start quickness to expand his route tree. Elusive skill set translates to the screen game as well. Lack of explosiveness and long speed might hold him back from being a vertical threat but very capable in space.

Pass Protection: Leaves a lot to be desired when pass protecting. Needs to square defenders with his hands. Too many times where he will miss free rushers trying to throw his body/shoulder into them. If his technique should improve he could contribute as a pass protector.

Durability: Although his frame would suggest that he should share carries with another back, he had no problems being FAU’s work hoarse. While also never having a significant injury in college. He has shown that he can handle a full workload but probably won’t be a feature back because of skill set.

Best Trait: Elusiveness

Worst Trait: Burst/Long Speed

Best Film: UCF (2018)

Worst Film: Oklahoma (2018)

Pro Comparison: James White

Devin Singletary’s lack of athleticism and size will make it hard for him to earn a feature role at the pro level. However, his elusive skill set translates well to a change of pace type of role. He can contribute as a receiver but must improve in pass protection if he wants to be on the field on passing downs. A zone running scheme would be ideal for his skill set.

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