End Of An Era in Buffalo

There are many great players off the field in the NFL, but not many are like Buffalo Bills fan favorite DT Kyle Williams, who announced his retirement after 13 seasons. In this article, I’ll get into Kyle Williams’ career on and off the field. It’s hard writing this article as a Bills & Kyle Williams fan, since I’ve really enjoyed watching Williams play almost all of my life.

“I don’t think a place has ever meant more to anyone than what Buffalo means to me. It’s always going to hurt walking away from this game, but I know it’s the right time.”, Kyle Williams said.

Many Bills players & coaches reacted to the news this morning. A couple quotes below are from HC Sean McDermott

  • “I told him it was the worst Christmas present a man could get,” HC Sean McDermott said Friday.
  • “I respect Kyle more for doing what he’s doing because of the reason that he’s doing it, and that’s his family,” McDermott said. “He knows that we’re heading in the right direction. Kyle can still play. That’s a hard decision to make, but putting his family first really to me is befitting of a man like Kyle.”

Williams was a 5th round pick by the Bills in the 2006 draft. In his first career game with the Bills, Williams totaled 6 tackles in their 20-17 loss against the Patriots. Soon after, Williams earned his first start, surpassing Tim Anderson on the depth chart. During that season, Williams totaled 53 combined tackles & 20 assisted tackles.

On March 13th, the Bills signed Williams to a 1 year/5M deal with $4.5M guaranteed, which would eventually be his final contract as a Buffalo Bill.

Williams totaled 607 tackles, 102 tackles for loss, 48.5 sacks, and made the Pro Bowl 6 times in his career. You also can’t forget his famous rushing TD late in the game last season against the Miami Dolphins.

Williams made the playoffs for the first time in his career last year vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars, but eventually lost that game 10-3. Williams only recorded 1 tackle & 1 QB hit in the game. Williams can now add playoffs to his illustrious résumé.

He’s an outstanding family man & father. Retirement wasn’t easy for Kyle, but his family came before football this time. He does a lot in the community for Buffalo, as I’ll mention in the next paragraph.

Williams has been the Bills nominee for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship award constantly for his work in the community. Williams was the Bills nominee for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship award this year. The award recognizes players who display “qualities of on-field sportsmanship, including fair play, respect for the game and opponents, and integrity in competition”.

WIlliams loved the game. You could see by his play on the field, his preparation, and his mindset going into every game. His reaction was priceless when he found out that the Bills were going to the playoffs last year. That dedication is something that Buffalo won’t get back for a very long time, if ever.

Kyle Williams is one of those players that is just really hard to hate. He has no bad blood in his body & wouldn’t say a bad thing about any other player in the league. He’s the type of player that you love to have in your locker room everyday.

Williams took rookie DT Harrison Phillips under his wing & was the first one to help Phillips in training camp & pre-season, even though he knew that Phillips would one day replace him.

Hope we get to see you in the Bills wall of fame soon, Kyle!