Regular Season Review: Where Isaac was Right; Where Isaac was Wrong

Since the summer, I have provided analysis and my takes on the NFL. I was definitely right in some situations, but I’ve had my fair share of takes that aged poorly. Well, here they are: Where Isaac was Right and where Isaac was Wrong.

Where I was Right

My take: Packers will fall apart. I predicted that they would miss the playoffs and greatly underachieve, which they did. They haven’t just been bad, they’ve shown signs of major dysfunction, which is extremely uncharacteristic of that organization. And with Aaron Rodgers on the tail end of his career, this is a bad time for the Packers to go into the tank. If they do well in the draft and free agency, and hire the right coach, they could very well be back next year. But, I was sure right on this season.

Where I was Wrong

My take: Baker Mayfield will bust. Man, do I look like an idiot for this one. The NFL community was pretty divided about the Browns picking Mayfield first overall in 2018, and I laughed at the decision. Had Cleveland fired Hue Jackson before the season, and Gregg Williams been the head coach all season, it is very possible that we could be watching the Browns in January. And it’s not like Mayfield has a lot of help. The Browns’ roster isn’t great. We don’t know his ceiling yet, but it’s clear he’ll be a good quarterback.

Where I was Right

My take: Bears will make the playoffs. Of course, I had them in as a wildcard, but a playoff team nonetheless. Mitchell Trubisky has taken that year two jump (like I said he would) and the defense has dominated (like I knew they would). I think the Bears have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl, but we’ll see how playoff ready they are once we see them in January.

Where I was Wrong

My take: Vikings pick up where they left off in 2017. They just missed the playoffs. Kirk Cousins has proven time and time again that he cannot play up to par in big games. However, there is hope with new offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, who has done an admirable job (except for Week 17 against the Bears, of course) since John DeFilippo (who I thought would be great) was fired. We’ll see if the Vikings retain him moving forward.

Where I was Right

My take: Eagles will regress. Okay, I didn’t think they would take this much of a step back, but I figured they still win their division. Of course, at that point I didn’t know that they would trade for Amari Cooper and start dominating, but I was still right in my saying that they would take a step back. They barely snuck into the playoffs after the Bears beat the Vikings and the Eagles beat the Redskins in Week 17, and the Eagles will travel to Chicago and play there at 3:40 on Sunday, January 6.

Where I was Wrong

My take: Cowboys will miss playoffs. I predicted that the Eagles would win the division and the rest of the NFC East would be sitting on a couch come January, and I looked smart for awhile, and then the Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper. Before Cooper, the Cowboys didn’t have a legit receiver for Dak Prescott to throw to, and their offense was somewhat one-dimensional. After the Cooper trade, Prescott’s numbers went way up, the Cowboy offense took off, and Dallas went on a huge hot streak to end the season and win the division. Also, Ezekiel Elliott is your 2018 NFL rushing champion.

Where I was Wrong

My take: Atlanta Falcons go 12-4. I can forgive myself a bit for this one, just because of all the injuries they’ve sustained, countless injuries to key contributors over the course of the season, primarily on defense. Dan Quinn’s job is safe, as it should be, and I expect this team to be back next year.

Where I was Wrong

My take: Seahawks will miss playoffs. I did not see a playoff appearance coming from this squad. I did not expect the running game to take off like it has, and that goes to show the ability of new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, whom I expect to garner a lot of head coaching interest this offseason. Pete Carroll has also done a great job with his defense, which doesn’t look overly talented on paper.

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