Jordan Ta’amu Scouting Report

NAME: Jordan Ta’amu

SCHOOL: Ole Miss


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’2

WT: 212 lbs

Accuracy: Relatively accurate. Consistently places the ball on the numbers (chest plate) of receiver. Also does a good job of leading targets away from the leveraged defender on anticipatory passes. Uses exceptional touch on vertical passes but will float the ball at times. Accuracy isn’t as precise on intermediate throws over the middle. More comfortable throwing outside the numbers.

Processing: Offensive scheme puts very little on his plate and is heavily reliant on it’s primary read. Is fine when he identifies the coverage pre-snap. However, will get caught processing or becoming confused when coverage changes. Causing him too hold onto the ball or get stuck on a progression. Needs to do a better job of identifying the blitz and having a pre-snap plan to exploit it. Knows how to manipulate defenders with eyes when he identifies the coverage correctly. Takes too many predetermines shots down the field regardless of defensive formation. Will have to show that he can master a more complex offense at the next level.

Decision Making: Attempts to win from the pocket but comfortable when extending plays. Has a tremendous amount of faith in his receivers to make plays on the ball. Will put the ball in harms way to give his play makers a chance. Usually lives to see another down. Doesn’t force anything when no one is open. Is okay with throwing the ball away, checking it down, or taking a sack. Needs to be a little quicker when anticipating on timing routes. Makes good decisions (for the most part) when extending plays. Internal clock must get faster.

Poise: Never has had a true break out performance or beaten a quality opponent. However, was held back by Ole Miss’s offensive system. Looks comfortable avoiding rushers. However, uncomfortable when speeding up his process under pressure and is more prone to lock onto progressions in these situations.

Consistency: Play is pretty steady. Never really plays outside of himself in a positive or negative way.

Mechanics: Has solid mechanics for the most part. Consistently steps through throws and uses his lowed body. Release is quick and fluid. Mindful of keeping his body in optimal throwing position when on the move as well. Would like to see him keep his feet in more of a rhythm. Needs to be more deliberate with setting his feet on routine throws. Makes unnecessary off platform throws every now and then.

Pocket Presence: Feels rushers well. Does a great job of finding the correct creases to by time or escape the pocket. Tends to drops his eyes to locate the pressure.

Arm Strength: Above average arm talent that is more than capable of making every throw. Gets enough zip on the ball to contest tight windows.

Mobility: Good athlete who can make things happen as a ball carrier. Is more quick than fast but has functional straight line speed. Was incorporated in Ole Misses’s run game.

Best Trait: Mobility

Worst Trait: Processing

Best Film: Texas Tech (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2018)

Pro Comparison: Tyrod Taylor

Jordan Ta’amu could contribute right away as a capable back up in the NFL. He has all of the physical ability to become a starter but needs to sharpen his mental skill, improve under pressure, and prove to teams that he can handle a pro style offense to reach his full potential. A vertical passing attack that incorporates Quarterback mobility would be ideal for his skill set.

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