Darrell Henderson Scouting Report

NAME: Darrell Henderson

SCHOOL: Memphis

POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5-9

WT: 200 lbs

Vision: Consistently finds the open hole, especially in Memphis’s Power-Gap heavy run scheme. Also shown the ability to read leveraged defenders and choose the right cut back lane on outside zone runs. Does a good job of reading his lineman at the second level as well. Would like to see him be more patient and let openings develop when the primary hole (on power runs) is plugged. Will run into the congested areas in these situations occasionally.

Burst and Long Speed: Has excellent short area quickness that allows him to change gears in a split second. Long speed is impressive. Can break runs open if he gets enough space in the second level.

Contact Balance and Power: Posses a sturdy lower body that allows him to run through and bounce off tacklers. Takes a valiant effort from defenders to get him down. Especially when he reaches top speed. Flashes the ability to drive through tacklers at the line of scrimmage as well.

Elusiveness: First priority is to beat defenders to pursuit angles but also elude defenders in the open field. Uses minor jump cuts to make tacklers miss in hole or behind the line of scrimmage but isn’t dynamic in space.

Change of Direction: Quick feet that allow him to change directions with ease at the LOS and at the second level. Hips aren’t overly loose, so he struggles to “cut on a dime” at full speed to make defenders miss in the open field. Very much a down hill runner.

Receiving Ability: Modest hands and route running ability to be a factor in the passing game. Thrives with swing passes and slip screens. Also shown flashes as a vertical threat on wheel routes.

Pass Protection: Rarely asked to pass protect at Memphis but is effective as run blocker on reverses and WR screens. Posses the frame and the wiliness to be physical to be an exceptional pass protector at the next level.

Durability: Never had a major injury in college but his lack of workload is some what of a concern. 2018 was the first season where he got over 20 carriers.

Best Trait: Burst

Worst Trait: Pass Protection

Best Film: Georgia State (2018)

Worst Film: UConn (2017)

Pro Comparison: Aaron Jones

Darrell Henderson’s explosive and elusive skill set translates well in today’s NFL. He could potentially earn a featured role if he shows teams that he can pass protect. However, his light collegiate work load and explosive run style might suggest that he would be best in a committee. Where he could contribute in doses and not be relied upon to wear defenses out. He fits best in a Gap-Power or Outside Zone running scheme.

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