Karan Higdon Scouting Report

NAME: Karan Higdon

SCHOOL: Michigan


POSITION: Running back

CLASS: Senior


HT: 5-9

WT: 190

Vision: Consistently finds the open holes. Does an exceptional job of being patient and letting his blocks develop, while setting up linebackers at the second level. Most comfortable running in between the tackles and has not shown the ability to be effective outside of the structure of plays.

Burst and Long Speed: Burst isn’t elite but still very good. Is most explosive on inside runs. Has second gear of speed but wouldn’t consider him a blazer.

Contact Balance and Power: Runs with tremendous power for a smaller back. Comfortable lowering his shoulder and running through head on tacklers. Often doesn’t go down after first contact. Posses a low center gravity that allows him to run through arm tackles while staying balanced.

Elusiveness: Elusiveness comes in the form of power. Doesn’t make a lot of people miss in the open field, but will power through tacklers. Struggles eluding the free defender at the LOS because of this run style. Isn’t dynamic in space.

Change of Direction: Agile hips that allow him to change his direction at any level of the field. Can also stop at full speed to change his path. Covers an adequate amount of ground when jump cutting as well.

Receiving Ability: Although he does have capable hands and flashes the ability to run routes. His skill set (power run style) does not mesh well in the passing game.

Pass Protection: Illustrates willingness to pass protect. Is effective when cut blocking but struggles engaging with bigger defenders (head on) because of his smaller frame.

Durability: Run style requires many carries to be most effective to wear defenses down. However, his smaller frame may scare teams away from giving him more touches. His body could have trouble withstanding the amount of wear and tear that comes with a feature back’s workload.

Best Trait: Contact Balance/Power

Worst Trait: Receiving Ability

Best Film: Nebraska (2018)

Worst Film: Notre Dame (2018)

Karan Higdon’s skill set might suggest a lead role in a NFL backfield. However, his physical run style and small frame project him in a running back by committee. In this role he could compliment a back(s) with an opposite skill set and lead the rushing attack on 1st and 2nd downs. Because he is not overly dynamic, he will require an above average offensive line in order to be effective. A Power-Gap/Inside Zone running scheme would be ideal for his skill set.

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