Myles Gaskin Scouting Report

NAME: Myles Gaskin

SCHOOL: Washington



CLASS: Senior


HT: 5’9

WT: 191 lbs

Vision: Ball carrier vision is exceptional. Does a good job of reading leveraged defenders to direct his path. He also changes his tempo when he needs to. Illustrates patience to let his blocks develop but will hit the hole in a hurry as soon as it appears. Knows how to set up linebackers at the second level as well. Has a nose for open space.

Burst and Long Speed: Doesn’t possess the explosiveness for optimal acceleration but long speed is adequate. Will break away for a long run every now and then.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is good for his size but might not translate as well to the pro level. Base is sturdy yet lack of size clearly make it harder to break tackles from bigger defenders. Churns his legs through contact and delivers a surprising blow to tacklers. However running with power is not his forte. Not effective in short yardage situations.

Elusiveness: Flashes the ability to make defenders miss with subtle cuts but not overly dynamic. Doesn’t possess the optimal wiggle to be a space player. Hard to find a true trump card in his skill set that he can rely on to be elusive.

Change of Direction: His combination of loose hips and nimble feet allow him to change directions with ease. Utilizes smooth lateral movement skills to sustain his momentum when redirecting his path. Although his jump cuts and juke moves are some what effective, covers minimal ground when using them.

Receiving Ability: Modest hands but catch radius is small. Wasn’t ask to run many complex routes at Washington. Yet possesses the quickness and craftiness to be mismatch for linebackers to cover. His kill set should allow him to expand his route tree.

Pass Protecting: Surprisingly solid in pass protection. Has natural feel for finding free rushers. Does a good job of staying square with defenders and delivering a blow. However, smaller size gets him into trouble. Tends get over powered by bigger defenders.

Best Trait: Vision

Worst Trait: Size

Best Film: Utah (2018)

Worst Film: Auburn (2018)

Myles Gaskin is savvy runner with a well rounded skill set. However, he doesn’t possess a true trump card trait(s) to warrant a full workload. Which is why he projects best in a committee. His receiving and pass protection ability are ideal for a 3rd down type of role. Gaskin is versatile enough to fit multiple blocking schemes.

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