Justice Hill Scouting Report

Name: Justice Hill

SCHOOL: Oklahoma State


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’10

WT: 190 lbs

Vision: Illustrates a natural feel to find open space at all levels of the field. Makes the right reads for the most part but decisive run style causes impatience. Will choose the wrong hole every now and then because of eagerness. Would like to see him be more patient and let his blocks develop.

Burst and Long Speed: Posses good burst that allows him to shoot through holes. Looks most explosive on outside zone runs. Is very much a one cut runner. Long speed is adequate but not elite. Speed is best utilized when running laterally to beat defenders to pursuit angles.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is impressive. Rarely goes down after first contact. Defenders must target his lower body to get him down. Shreds through arms tackles with ease. Doesn’t offer much as a power runner and struggles in short yardage situations.

Elusiveness: Dynamic ball carrier ability. Wiggle and shiftiness are elite. Jump cuts are electric and almost always make defenders miss when deployed in the open field. Also does great job of eluding tacklers in the backfield. Shown the use of spin moves and stiff arms as well. Has a great understanding of angles and when to cut through them.

Change of Direction: Feathery feet and fluid hips that allow him to “cut on a dime.” Lateral movements skills are exceptional. Agile enough to redirect his path at all levels of the field.

Receiving Ability: Receiving ability is a lot better than stats would indicate. Uses elite quickness to run routes and separate. Hands are capable. Shouldn’t have any issues with drops but isn’t going to make any spectacular catches either. Elusive skills are perfect for screen game. Dynamic in space.

Pass Protection: Adequate pass protector. Does a good job of consistently finding the free rusher and making initial contact. Would like to see him use his hands more to square up defenders. His smaller frame might hold him back from becoming an exceptional protector.

Durability: Has stayed relatively healthy besides a minor rib injury in 2018. Smaller frame could scare teams from giving him a featured role. However, run style warrants less contact.

Best Trait: Elusiveness

Worst Trait: Power

Best Film: Kansas (2018)

Worst Film: West Virginia (2018)

Pro Comparison: Marlon Mack

Justice Hill’s elusive skill set and receiving ability favor well in today’s NFL. However is lack of size and deficiencies in short yardage situations might scare teams from giving him a full work load. Some teams might view him as a feature back, but he will always have job in a change of pace type of role. A zone running scheme would be ideal for his skill set.

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