Bryce Love Scouting Report

NAME: Bryce Love

SCHOOL: Stanford



CLASS: Senior


HT: 5’9

WT: 196 lbs

Vision: Understands how to read leveraged defenders to direct his path. Does a great job of finding tiny creases to exploit when everything looks plugged. Shows the ability to use patience, yet will get overly eager at times and make incorrect reads. Occasionally takes negative gains trying to do much. Second level vision is exceptional. Natural feel for finding open space.

Burst and Long Speed: Burst was less impressive in 2018 because of injury. Hopefully he  gets that same short area quickness back from seasons prior (if he heals fully). Looks most explosive when he can hit the hole right away and waste little time waiting for things to open up. Possesses home run type of speed when healthy. Can break off big runs whenever he gets into the open field.

Contact Balance and Power: Struggles with breaking first contact because high pad level and smaller frame. Delivers some what a blow to defenders due to his above average burst and long speed. However, doesn’t have the size to be a true battering ram. Okay in short yardage situations but wouldn’t consider it a strong part of his game.

Elusiveness: Foot quickness allows him to make sudden cuts that make defenders miss in the open field. Yet, not a shifty runner. Elusiveness comes in the form of beating defenders to pursuit angles with his speed. Very much a one cut runner who wants to get north and south. Struggles to make defenders miss when not running at top speed.

Change of Direction: Utilizes nimble feet to changes direction. Can “cut on a dime” at full speed. However, hips are stiff. Gains little ground from jump cuts causing him to be stagnant. He also takes multiple steps to throttle down when changing directions in lateral motion.

Receiving Ability: Has the quickness and speed to be a factor in the passing game but was rarely asked to be a receiver at Stanford. The routes he was asked to run were very simplistic and wasn’t given the opportunity to beat defenders in man coverage. Possesses the traits to be mismatch for linebackers. Hands are capable but nothing special.

Pass Protection: Showed improvements as a pass protector in his Senior season. However, too many times where he was over matched by free rushers. Needs to show teams the willingness to be more physical if he wants to be on the field on passing downs.

Durability: Injuries have plagued him throughout collegiate career. The more carries he was given the more his health became a problem. Also his smaller frame, high pad level, and linear run style could be a recipe for disaster (in terms of injury) at the the next level.

Best Trait: Long Speed

Worst Trait: Durability

Best Film: UCLA (2017)

Worst Film: San Diego State (2018)

Bryce love’s elite speed and foot quickness make him a big play threat. However, his durability and size concerns will most likely scare teams away from giving him a featured role. Which is why he is best suited in a committee of backs. His current skill set fits a 1st and 2nd down type of role, but if he shows teams that he can expand his game as receiver and a pass protector. His touches won’t be as selective. An Outside Zone or Gap-Power running scheme would be ideal for his skill set.

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