Benny Snell Jr. Scouting Report

NAME: Benny Snell Jr.

SCHOOL: Kentucky


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’10

WT: 223 lbs

Vision: Patient runner who understands how to read leveraged defenders. Does great job pressing the LOS and waiting for his blocks to develop down the field. Also shown the ability to set up linebackers at the second level. Wastes no time when he sees the hole.

Burst and Long Speed: Doesn’t possess optimal acceleration or long speed to threaten defenses vertically. Never illustrated the ability to explode through holes. Also, takes an honest amount of time to reach to speed and top speed isn’t impressive.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact Balance is one of his best traits. His thick frame and lower center of gravity allow to bounce off contact with ease. Takes a valiant effort for defenders to get him down when he has momentum. Uses his frame to be battering ram as well. Not afraid to lower his pads and run through tackles. If he gets ahead of steam he can deliver a devastating blow. Thrived in short yardage situations.

Elusiveness: Has a surprising amount of wiggle considering his size and style. Flashes the ability to make defenders miss in the open field with jump cuts and juke moves. However, very much a power runner. Is going to run more people over than make anybody miss. Not dynamic in space.

Change of Direction: Lateral movements when jump cutting are smooth. Yet lacks suddenness and quickness, making it easy for defenders to tackle him. Runs with heavy feet. Doesn’t illustrate the ability to fluidly stop and start to redirect his path. Is most vulnerable to be brought down when having to change directions at full speed.

Receiving Ability: Nothing about his skill set translates well to the passing game. Is very much a “1st and 2nd down” type of back. Hands are capable.

Pass Protection: A very adequate protector. Uses his frame well and usually finds the right rusher to block. Would to see him be the aggressor more and not catch defenders as much.

Durability: Possesses the frame to handle a full workload and never had any significant injuries in college. However, there is some tread on his tires. Having multiple games with 30 plus carries.

Best Trait: Contact Balance/Power

Worst Trait: Burst/Long Speed

Best Film: Mississippi State (2018)

Worst Film: Missouri (2018)

Pro Comparison: Jamaal Williams

Benny Snell Jr. is a true power runner that is a perfect for handling 1st and 2nd down duties. He doesn’t have the burst, elusiveness, COD skills, or receiving ability to be a feature back at the next level. So complimenting someone with the opposite skill set will be ideal for his success. He fits best in a Inside Zone or Gap-Power scheme.

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