L.J. Scott Scouting Report

NAME: L.J. Scott

SCHOOL: Michigan State


POSITION: Running back

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6-1

WT: 226

Vision: Vision is spotty. Has a bad habit of attempting to follow stagnant blockers into a pile of bodies for minimal gains. Rather than looking for other openings. Doesn’t illustrate the natural ability to find space when initial holes are plugged. Rarely misses obvious reads.

Burst and Long Speed: Burst is lacking. Often prances through holes, taking multiples steps to get to the second level. Also takes a modest amount of time to get to top speed and top speed is average.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact Balance is underwhelming for his size. Tends to go down at first contact. Can bring tacklers with him, but doesn’t break free enough. Also runs high, making it easier for defenders to get him down. Shown the ability to drop his shoulders and use his body to fight for more yards. But doesn’t deliver a significant blow to defenders. Tries to be more of a finesse runner than a violent one. Becomes more of a battering ram when reaching full speed.

Elusiveness: Knows how to use subtle jump cuts and juke move to make defenders miss on occasion but doesn’t have much of an elusive skill set. Even though he possesses some wiggle, it isn’t sudden. Has flashed the ability to hurtle defenders.

Change of Direction: Feet are heavy when running in a linear motion but look lighter when moving laterally. Runs at a lulled pace to change directions. Struggles to carry momentum when redirecting his path.

Receiving Ability: Had a surprisingly large role in the passing game at MSU. However, nothing about his game suggest that he would be effective as a receiver. Doesn’t possess the stop and start quickness or explosiveness to threaten linebackers as a route runner. Also, isn’t dynamic in space. His hands are functional and he can contribute in the screen game but that’s about it.

Pass Protection: Good passing protecting reps come in flashes. Times where is initiative, technique, and physicality are all up to par. Yet there are other times where he looks disinterested and blows his blocking assignment. Needs to be more consistent.

Durability:  Frame would suggest a full work load but his carry total varied through out his collegiate career. Also, had an ankle injury that put him on the shelf in 2018. High pad level leaves him more susceptible to injury as well.

Best Trait: Power

Worst Trait: Burst/Vision

Best Film: Minnesota (2017)

Worst Film: Iowa (2017)

L.J. Scott’s prototypical frame and above average power running skills will intrigue some teams. However, his vision deficiencies, lack of dynamic ball carrier ability, durability concerns, and minimal receiving prowess project him as a functional back up/rotational piece. Vertical concepts would be ideal for his skill set.

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