Mike Weber Jr. Scouting Report

NAME: Mike Weber Jr.

SCHOOL: Ohio State


POSITION: Running back

CLASS: RS Junior


HT: 5-9

WT: 215

Vision: Decisive runner who looks to get north in south in a hurry. Usually chooses the right holes and reads his lineman correctly. However, would like to see him be more patient on inside runs. Tends to settle for minimal gains when initial holes are plugged rather than waiting for things to open up. Doesn’t show the ability to create outside of structure.

Burst and Long Speed: Burst is good but not elite. Explosiveness is at it’s peak in vertical concepts yet is still capable of shooting through holes in outside zone as well. Possesses a second gear to kick into in the open field in terms of long speed. Wouldn’t classify him as a home run threat but has the ability to break open some runs.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is average to below average. Possesses good forward lean to fall forward/fight for extra yards but often goes down after first contact. Can do some damage to defenders when he gets a full head of steam and lowers his pads. However, that is rarely the case. Does some nice things in short yardage situations. Not his specialty.

Elusiveness: Lack of wiggle and lateral quickness limit his ability as an elusive runner. Struggles to make defenders miss at levels of the field and contact balance is average. So it is relativity easy for tacklers to get him down. Often takes what the defense/blocking gives him and doesn’t create much yardage on his own.

Change of Direction: Feet are nimble allowing him to make quick cuts on the move. However, his hips are stiff and limit his range of lateral mobility. He doesn’t gain much width when jump cutting horizontally. Also has to make an extended effort to throttle down and change directions. So he often attempts to stay on a linear path.

Receiving Ability: Possesses functional hands and flashed the ability to run some vertical routes. Yet lacks the optimal stop and start quickness and change of direction ability to expand his route tree. Nothing about his skill set (besides modest speed) threatens linebackers in coverage.

Pass Protection: Very capable in pass protection. Illustrates the ability to sink his hips and give defenders a shot. Misses free rushers every now and then.

Durability:  Although he has never handled a full workload on a consistent basis at Ohio State. His injury history and frame suggest that he can handle an uptick in carries.

Best Trait: Vision

Worst Trait: Elusiveness

Best Film: Oregon State (2018)

Worst Film: TCU (2018)

Mike Weber is a smart and athletic runner who can pass protect. However, his lack of elusive skills and change of direction ability project him to be best in a committee. Where he could compliment a runner(s) with an opposite skill set. He fits best in a gap-power or inside zone scheme but could run outside zone if called upon.

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