Elijah Holyfield Scouting Report

Name: Elijah Holyfield

School: Georgia

Conference: SEC

Position: Running Back

Class: Junior

Recruiting Rating: 4-Star

HT: 5-10

Weight: 215 lbs

Vision: Decisive runner who wastes little time in the back field. Knows how to press the LOS and let his blocks develop. However, is most comfortable when making his reads as soon as possible. Versatile enough to be effective in a variety of schemes, but at his best when running inside zone. Will get overzealous at times and recklessly try to break runs to the outside. Yet, has shown the ability to create outside of the structure of the play.

Burst and Long Speed: First jolt of speed is solid. Can burst through holes because above average short area quickness. Doesn’t possess the long speed to maintain that same explosiveness. Takes time for him to get to top speed and top speed isn’t impressive. Might struggle beating rangier linebackers to pursuit angles on outside zone runs.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is good but not elite. Would’ve like to see him break more tackles in one on one situations. Slips out of the most tackles when running at full speed. However, often runs at a lulled pace to control his movements. Is violent in terms of power running. Knows how to drop his shoulder and bulldoze tacklers. Possesses a powerful lower body that he utilizes to keep his legs churning and fight for extra yards. Thrives in short yardage situations.

Elusiveness: Can make defenders miss in the open field by using subtle cuts and jukes. However, not overly elusive. Doesn’t have the optimal wiggle to be shifty or dynamic  in space. Very much a one cut runner who wants to get north and south. Would rather run over a tackler than make one miss.

Change of Direction: Change of directions skills are smooth, just doesn’t possess much speed when doing so. Uses powerful lower body gain a substantial amount of width when jump cutting. Feet are surprisingly light given his power run style. Has a harder time redirecting his path when at full speed.

Receiving Ability: Skill set doesn’t translate well in the receiving game. However, shown to be a capable in the screen game and as a check down receiver. Won’t be a mismatch for linebackers to cover.

Pass Protection: Possesses the frame and willingness to block to be trusted as a pass protector. Yet would like to see him do better job of scanning the LOS to see which of his blockers need help. Tends to get antsy to leave the pocket and become a receiver when asked to protect.

Best Trait: Power

Worst Trait: Long Speed

Best Film: Kentucky (2018)

Worst Film: Texas (2018)

Pro Comparison: Mike Davis

Elijah Holyfield possesses the frame, vision, power, and change of direction skills to lead a team’s rushing attack. However, he lacks the optimal athleticism, dynamic ball carrier ability, and receiving skills to be coveted for a feature role. A zone heavy scheme is ideal for his skill set.