Kyler Murray Scouting Report

Name: Kyler Murray

SCHOOL: Oklahoma


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior


HT: 5’10

WT: 190 lbs

Accuracy: Illustrates precise ball placement on throws outside of the numbers. Back shoulder throws/out routes are usually always on the money. Also, drops balls in the bucket on vertical passes. Is deadly accurate on the move as well. Can put the ball where it needs to be when rolling to his left, right, or running forward. Doesn’t need a stable platform to hit targets moving north and south. However, is less accurate on the move when throwing to receivers that are moving east to west. Ball placement is not as sharp with passes over the middle. More prone to sailing balls when contesting the intermediate parts of the field. Accuracy deteriorates when in the face of pressure.
Processing: Quickly identifies basic coverage/coverage that doesn’t change post snap. Yet must speed up his reaction time when the defense changes it’s pre snap look. Will get caught processing in these instances, causing him to hold onto the ball. Does a good job of scanning the field and going through progressions. Yet, tends to break out of the structure of the offense when confused by the coverage. His process is not a fluid “one hitch, next progression.” It seems like it’s more waiting for a part of the coverage to break down or directing receivers to uncover. Doesn’t anticipate throwing windows against zone coverage either. Needs to be more willing to contest the soft spots in the middle of the field. Haven’t seen him manipulate defenders with his eyes, but has the shown the ability to find the vacated areas against the blitz.
Decision Making: Relatively safe with the ball. For all of the big plays that he makes, has no problem with checking the ball down. Predetermines reads at times, mostly when taking vertical shots. Plays with a gun slinger’s mentality as well. So not afraid to attempt some tight window throws. Putting the ball in harms way occasionally. Also will get too run happy at times.
Poise: Showed the ability to come through in big moments. Always up to the challenge, whether it was leading comebacks, going score for score in shootouts, or winning the game on the final drive. In terms of handling physical pressure, the results are mixed. Is more susceptible of getting locked onto progressions under duress. But does a good job of escaping the pocket and evading rushers when extending plays. Puts the ball in harms way if he can’t escape the pass rush. 
Consistency: Mental processing is the most inconsistent part of his game. Will have to improve in this area or it could be detrimental at the next level.   
Mechanics: Quick and snappy release that allows him to get the ball out in a split second. Usually utilizes good lower body mechanics. Occasionally, keeps his base parallel to LOS and makes all arm throws. However, rarely affects his accuracy or how much velocity he puts on the ball. Must keep two hands on the ball at all time as well.
Pocket Presence: Feels rushers well. Is an expert at eluding defenders in tight spaces. Excels at making free rushers miss as well. But looks noticeably uncomfortable in crowded pockets. Slides left and right, yet usually takes off to run when there is room to step up. Must be more willing to hang in the pocket. Extending plays outside of structure is an asset but relies on it too much.   
Arm Strength: Dynamic arm talent. The ball zips off of his hand with a ton of velocity. Can also reach all levels of the field with ease. 
Mobility: Is the most mobile Quarterback in the class. His combination of home run speed, 0-60 acceleration, and dynamic ball carrier ability make him a huge threat as a runner. Because his frame is extremely light, teams will be hesitant to incorporate him in the run game. But definitely adds a dynamic that most Quarterbacks don’t.
Best Trait: Mobility/Arm Talent
Worst Trait: Processing/Size 
Best Film: West Virginia (2018)
Worst Film: Alabama (2018)
Pro Comparison: Russel Wilson 
Kyler Murray is a dynamic play maker with tremendous arm talent and electric mobility. However, his inconsistent processing skills and smaller size are real concerns. Baker Mayfield, Drew Brees, and Russel Wilson have shown the NFL that size should not deter you from drafting good players. The difference with Murray is his lack of height clearly affects how he sees the field. If he can become more comfortable contesting the middle of the field and more willing to find throwing lanes in the pocket. He could overcome his smaller size. With all of this being said, Murray projects as a developmental prospect, who will need time to sit and learn to reach his potential. If he can do so, he can become an exceptional starter. A Spread Offense would be ideal for his skill set.  
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