David Montgomery Scouting Report

Name: David Montgomery

SCHOOL: Iowa State


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’11

WT: 216 lbs

Vision: Vision is spotty. Doesn’t consistently read leveraged defenders on zone runs. Also rarely improvises when the point of attack is clogged on power runs either. Yet, shows flashes of exceptional creativity when breaking out of the structure of the play. Very comfortable in space.

Burst and Long Speed: Lacks optimal acceleration, making it harder for him to explode through holes. Can create a nice jolt of quickness when jump cutting forward. Yet, can’t translate that same momentum into foot speed. Often runs at a lulled pace in order to be methodical with his movements. Doesn’t possess the long speed to threaten defenses vertically as well.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is elite. Utilizes exceptional low center of gravity to stay balanced through all types of contact. Tacklers almost always bounce off of him when he gets to the second level. Also knows how to use his body as a battering ram. Delivers some devastating blows to his opponents. Shown the ability to run over defenders that are in his way. Should thrive in short yardage situations if his vision improves.

Elusiveness: Is extremely hard to get down in the open field. Jump cuts and jukes are lethally sudden. Has no problem making defenders miss or running them over. The more space he has to work with the more dynamic he becomes.

Change of Direction: Hips are agile enough to functionally change directions. But feet are extremely light, allowing him to “cut on a dime.” Also possesses optimal stop and start quickness that he deploys when cutting. Can redirect his path at full speed with ease.

Receiving Ability: Skill set translates very nicely to the passing game and has experience running routes at Iowa State. Even though he isn’t a vertical threat, he is still a headache for Linebackers to cover in the short/intermediate parts of the field. Elusive skills are utilized well in the screen game as well.. Hands are capable but isn’t going to make many spectacular catches.

Pass Protection: Solid in pass protection. Would like to see him taking initiative when taking on free rushers. Is an effective cut and chip blocker as well.

Durability: Possesses the frame to handle a full work load and never had many injuries in college. Run style does make him more prone to injury though.

Best Trait: Contact Balance

Worst Trait: Vision/Long Speed

Best Film: West Virginia (2018)

Worst Film: Iowa (2018)

Pro Comparison: Doug Martin

David Montgomery might not be an elite athlete but because he possesses dynamic ball carrier ability, incredible contact balance/power, and can be a threat in the passing game. He still has all the potential to become a feature back. If his vision doesn’t improve, it could be detrimental to his success. A zone heavy scheme would be ideal for his skill set.

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