Trayveon Williams Scouting Report

NAME: Trayveon Williams



POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’9

WT: 200 lbs

Vision: Vision is solid for the most part. Is very much a one cut runner who wants to get north and south. Shown the ability to press the line of scrimmage to find the right holes. But is more of a decisive runner than a patient one. Times where he will get overzealous and run into scrums for minimal gains. Gap-power schemes seem to be his bread and butter.

Burst and Long Speed: Short area quickness is very good but not elite. Utilizes burst to exploit tight creases and get to the second level in a hurry. Long speed is also impressive. Possesses a second gear of speed to kick into in the open field and break runs open.

Contact Balance and Power: Contact balance is decent yet not a trait that he is going to consistently win with. Lower center of gravity is evident but still goes down fairly easy. Can inflict some contact on his opponents that allows him to fight for more yards. However, high pad level and smaller frame lessen the impact of his blow. Even though he doesn’t specialize in short yardage situations, is capable if called upon.

Elusiveness: Utilizes subtle cuts to make tackles miss in the open field but isn’t very shifty or dynamic in space. Elusiveness comes in the form of beating defenders to pursuit angles. Takes what the defense and blocking gives him rather than creating on his own most of the time.

Change of Direction: Utilizes nimble feet when making cuts to change directions. Hips seem a little stiff but not detrimentally stiff. Lateral range is some what limited. Takes a couple extra steps when throttling down at times as well. At his best when running north and south.

Receiving Ability: Skill set doesn’t translate well in the receiving game. Hands are capable but catch radius is small. Also doesn’t possesses the optimal stop and start quickness or dynamic ability in space to be a mismatch for Linebackers to cover. Is best in the screen game, where he could use his vision and speed.

Pass Protection: Vision is excellent in pass protection. Consistently identifies the correct defender to block. Also demonstrates the willingness to initiate contact. However, would like to see him do a better job of squaring up defenders. Occasionally throws his shoulder blindly when attempting to block, causing him to whiff.

Durability: Never had a major injury in college. Yet small frame and up right pad level could scare teams away from giving him a full workload.

Best Trait: Vision

Worst Trait: Receiving Ability

Best Film: LSU (2018)

Worst Film: Clemson (2018)

Trayveon Williams’s vision, burst, change of direction ability, and pass protecting skills might warrant a full time role. However, his small frame, lack of elusive skill set, and ineffectiveness as a receiver say other wise. Which is why he would be most effective in platoon where he could compliant backs with opposite skill sets. Incorporating him in vertical concepts would be ideal, but could contribute in outside zone if called upon.

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