Quinnen Williams Scouting Report

NAME: Quinnen Williams

SCHOOL: Alabama


POSITION: Interior Defensive Lineman

CLASS: RS Sophomore


HT: 6’3

WT: 285 lbs

Ball Get Off: Possesses elite first step quickness. Uses speed to penetrate gaps and overpower his opponents. Does a great job of timing up the snap count as well.

Hand Usage: Has the most nuanced hands in the class. Run fits are text book. Consistently latching onto his adversaries’ chest plate to “stack and shed”. Has shown the ability to two gap at an above average level as well. He deploys swims and rips to make plays in the backfield, which translates to pass rushing. Williams is exceptionally versed with counter punches and getting blockers off kilter by violently striking his leverage points. It’s almost impossible to get hands on him first because of how quick he is to swipe/club them away.

Pad Level and Flexibility: Illustrates excellent pad level against the run. Is almost always the low man and keeps his anchor implanted, which makes it extremely difficult to move him off of his spot. Has no problems stale mating double teams or two gaping as well. Also, looks plenty flexible on tape, but combine will be the most telling measurement. Flashes the ability to dip under his opponents and turn some modest corners.

Motor: Williams is all hustle on every down. Never giving up reps, even when he is doubled or tippled team. Effort is outstanding and shouldn’t be questioned.

Pass Rushing Ability: Was the most dominant interior pass rusher in college football. His elite get off, above average flexibility, nuanced hand technique/pass rush arsenal, raw power, and endless motor make him nearly impossible to block. Also, his ability to minimize the surface area of his chest is supreme and separates him from the rest of the class.

Awareness: Disciplined in terms of gap integrity and does a great job of reading his blocks to determine run and pass. Understands most blocking schemes but occasionally gets fooled by misdirection plays. Ability to find the football/ball carrier when stacking blockers and when in the backfield is exceptional.

Best Trait: Pass Rush Ability

Worst Trait: Length

Best Film: LSU (2018)

Worst Film: None

Quinnen Williams is one of the 2 best prospects in the 2019 class and possesses all pro ability. His game translates so well that he can start from day 1 and quickly become one of the league’s premier interior defensive lineman. He would be best at a 3 technique in an even front. But, is versatile enough to play in a variety of techniques along the defensive line. Williams is a true blue chip prospect and should be a top 5 pick come April 25th.

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